AT2356 Ch 11-17

Psychological reaction to return Closure and renewal

Psychological reaction to return Acknowledgement
Long (>4 weeks)

Psychological reaction to return Confident or sheptical

Psychological reaction to return eagerness or anticipation
Short (<4 weeks)

During which rehabilitation phase should the psychological approach of explaining the healing process and purpose of treatment procedures, as well as the encouragement of aerobic conditioning by exercising the non-injured body part, be performed?
Early Postoperative period

Early Postoperative Period
When surgery is performed, the injured athlete becomes a disabled patient. Each phase of the healing process and the purpose of each treatment procedure should be explained to the patient. The patient should be encouraged to maintain aerobic conditioning by exercising the noninjured body parts.

Advanced Postoperative, or Rehabilitation, Period
While the patient rehabilitates the injured body part, he or she should continue to condition unaffected body regions both aerobically and anaerobically. The patient must feel that he or she is in control and can make choices. The patient’s confidence is increased by small successes. Milestones must be kept realistic, and positive verbal reinforcement must be given by the coach, peers, and sports medicine team.

Return to Full Activity
Many patients return to participation physically ready but psychologically ill prepared. Although few patients will admit it, they return to participation feeling anxious about getting hurt again. This feeling may, in some ways, be a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, anxiety can lead to muscle tension, which in turn can lead to disruption of normal coordination, thus producing conditions that are favorable for reinjury or for injury to another body part. The following are suggestions for helping an athlete regain competitive confidence:

Kugler-Ross reaction

An athlete has suffered a season-ending knee injury. Which of the following would be an appropriate method for dealing with the athlete’s need for social support?
Have the athlete talk to an athlete who has suffered a similar injury.

Psychological reaction to Injury of shock or relief
Short (<4 weeks)

Psychological reaction to Injury of fear or anger
Long (>4 weeks)

Psychological reaction to Injury of anger or frustration

Psychological reaction to Injury of isolation or grief process

Which of the following would be an inappropriate component when addressing psychological factors in the rehabilitation process?
Allow independence in progressions

Personality disorders include all of the following EXCEPT:

In which of the phases of rehabilitation does the patient feel fearful and may be in denial?
Immediate post-injury

During __ stress the threat is immediate and the body’s response is instantaneous.

Which of the following mood disorders can be treated with light therapy?
Seasonal affective disorder

Which of the following is an outward sign of overreaction?

The method of relaxation characterized by recognizing muscular tension and consciously releasing that tension is the __ method.

Which of the following is the final Kubler-Ross stage?

Athletes who sustain injuries that disable them from performing may experience
All of the choices are correct

Acute response to negative stress cause adrenal secretions causing the _____ response to stress
fight and flight

When an athlete is physically ready to return to play, the physical aspect is all the sports medicine team needs to be concerned with

The pressure point most commonly used in the upper body to control external bleeding is the:
Brachial artery

When an athlete is being placed on a spine board, which of the following personnel is in control?
The person stabilizing the victim’s head

Systolic blood pressure indicates:
The pressure on the blood vessel walls when the left ventricle contracts

A red skin color on a light-colored individual may indicate
Heatstroke, high blood pressure, or carbon monoxide poisoning

In transporting an athlete with a suspected spinal or pelvic injury:
Use a spine board and move under medical direction

In an effort to accurately assess the extent of a musculoskeletal injury, it is vitally important to know:
The mechanism of the injury

The type of shock that results from trauma in which there is blood loss is called:
Hypovolemic shock

When dealing with an possible unconscious athlete, the first action that must be taken is
Determine the level of consciousness and unresponsiveness

Which of these is not a symptom of shock?
Patient has a very slow pulse

Which type of assistance is given to an athlete that is able to walk after an injury a short distance?
Ambulatory Aid

To fit crutches the elbow should be flexed at ___ degrees.

Which of the following tests is used to detect blood clots?
Doppler Ultrasonography

Movement that is performed solely by the athlete is called:

The application of mechanical forces, which may stem from within or outside of the body, to living organisms is called

The combination of eversion and abduction of the foot is:

Conditions following and resulting from a disease or injury are referred to as:

Which of the following is NOT included in the history portion of an injury evaluation?
Athlete tries to assess the movement of the injured part

Movement away from the midline of the body is called:

When an athletic trainer or other health care professional is denoting what disease, injury or syndrome a person has or is believed to have, he/she is making a(n):
Clinical Diagnosis

What does S.O.A.P. stands for:
Subjective, objective, assessment, plan

The steps of infection, which stage is when the person feels bad and can not get out of bed?
acute stage

What is the job of the T cells?

HBV can live outside the body for __ .
at least 1 week

If a uniform becomes saturated with blood, what is the proper action that should be taken for the athlete to continue participation?
The uniform should be changed immediately

The HBV vaccine is given in:
3 doses over a 6-month period

Testing Athletes for HIV is legal in regards to clearing them for play?

If one thinks they have been infected by a bloodborne pathogen they should be tested at __weeks, __ months, and __ year.

After a virus enters and attacks a host cell it:
Uses the cell to replicate

Directs the cell to make a protein shell

Emerges after destroying the cell to infect other tissues

Destroys the cell

All of the following are signs and symptoms of HBV except
Weight loss

Which of the following substances is appropriate for cleaning tables in the athletic training room?
A 1:10 solution of bleach and water

To ensure proper lymphatic and venous drainage in effective massage, stroke away from the heart

Traction is indicated for which of the following conditions?
Spinal nerve root impingement

Which of the following is an effect of cold at the cellular level?
Decreased metabolic rate

When one is using ultrasound, the field of treatment should NOT be more than
3 to 4 square inches or the size of a human fist

When using cryokinetics
Ice is applied until numbness is felt, and then the athlete exercises for 3 to 5 minutes

The process whereby ions in solution are carried through the intact skin by an electrical current is called

A good rule if you are not a massage therapist,when performing a massage on an athlete of the opposite sex, it is important to have others present in the room.

A condition in which cold exposure causes vasospasm of the digital arteries is known as
Raynaud’s phenomenon

All of the following are desirable effects of heating EXCEPT
Decreasing blood flow

Thermal energy can be transferred by all of the following EXCEPT

An exercise that involves weight bearing through an extremity is considered
A closed kinetic chain exercise

Which of the following is NOT considered a closed kinetic chain exercise
Which of the following is NOT considered a closed kinetic chain exercise

Maximum muscle loading at a fixed speed (consistent velocity) with accommodating resistance throughout the entire range of motion is characterized by what method of exercise?

A method of promoting the response of the neuromuscular mechanism through stimulation is called
PNF exercise

In which phase of rehabilitation is rest and pain control most important?
Phase I-Acute inflammatory response phase

The phase can last for several years and includes a series of functional progression activities.
Phase 3: Remodeling phase

Which of the following is not an indicator of being too aggressive with exercise in the rehab plan?
Increased flexibility

Increasing static strength and decreasing atrophy in the first phase of rehab can best be accomplished by using what method of exercise?

Decisions on how to progress an athlete through a rehabilitation program should be based on
The healing process

Following an injury or surgery, when should the rehabilitation process be initiated
Immediately after

Branch of science that deals with the action of drugs on the biological systems is known as?

Method by which drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated from the body is known as?

The drug that can give effects of increased muscle mass, and weight, general growth and bone maturation, irreversible effects causing major threats to health is known as?
anabolic steroids

When an immediate reaction to a drug is necessary, it should be administered:

Smokeless tobacco can cause all of the following EXCEPT:
Decreased Reaction Time

When an over dose occurs who should be contacted immediately, according to your powerpoint?
the EMS
the poison control center
Both B and C

The use of marijuana can lead to all of the following EXCEPT
Decrease in Pulse Rate

Drugs and medications administered into the skin are said to be:

Which of the following is NOT an adverse reaction to aspirin or NSAIDS
Inhibition of Prostaglandin Release

Agents that diminish nerve activity or body functions are

A condition that occurs when the tissue fluid pressure has increased because of the confines of the fascia and/or bone resulting in compression of the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels is called:
Compartment Syndrome

Which of the following is a sprain that results from forceful external rotation of the ankle?
Syndesmotic-high ankle sprain

Which of the following is not a sign of anterior compartment syndrome?
Weakness of Toe Flexors

A grade II lateral ankle sprain indicates damage to which ligaments
Anterior Talofibular and Calcaneofibular

Athletes who have pronated or hypermobile feet have a higher incidence of
Eversion Ankle Sprains

When squeezing the calf muscle with the leg extended and the foot hanging over the edge of the table, you are performing which test for Achilles tendon rupture?
Thompson Test

When a fracture of the lower leg is suspected, what test can be done to reaffirm your suspicions?
Percussion Test

Which of the following would be a specific functional test for dorsiflexion?
Walk on Heels

A positive anterior drawer test indicates damage to which ligament
Anterior Talofibular

The lateral compartment of the leg comprises what muscles?
Peronues Brevis, Peroneus Longus, Peroneus Tertius

The anterior cruciate ligament is most vulnerable to injury when:
To date there is no agreement on one single MOI, there can be many. And it can also be from a non-contact or direct contact as well.

The mechanism of injury that leaves the posterior cruciate ligament at greatest risk for injury is:
Landing on the anterior aspect of the bent knee with the foot plantarflexed

A gradual degenerative process of the underside of the patella is called:
Chondromalacia patella

The Lachman test is used to evaluate stability of the:
Anterior cruciate ligament

Running, turning, figure-eights, backing up, and stopping are what types of test?

Swelling caused by synovial fluid and/or blood in the joint is called:

The ligament injury of the knee generally considered to be the most serious involves the:
Anterior cruciate

Q angles that exceed degrees can be considered excessive and can lead to a pathological condition in the patella.

Which of the following muscles allows for internal rotation of the tibia?

The ligament that protects the knee from a valgus stress and external rotational forces is the:
Medial collateral

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