TEST I, Shoulder Eval, Final Practical

Celcius to Farenheit
9/5C + 32

Celcius to Kelvin
273.15 + C

Volume of a cyclinder
PIEr^2 H

Volume of a sphere
4/3 PIE r^3

Law of Conservation of Mass
In a chemical reaction, no matter lost nor created

Law of definite proportions
same elements represent same ratio as objects

Law of multiple proportions
mass reactants = mass of products

J Thompson
CRT Tubes

Gold Foil expt, nucleus and e_ cloud


John Dalton
Atomic Theory

Dimitri Mendelev
Periodic Law

Anterior Apprehension Test
Anterior instability
+ stops motion, jerks arm, feels pain

Jobe Relocation Test
Anterior instability
+relief of symptoms

Load and Shift
GHJ instability
+Grade 1= feeling of the humeral head riding up to the glenoid rim
Grade 2= feeling of the humeral head overriding the rim, but spontaneously reduces
Grade 3= feeling of the humeral head overriding the rim, but remains dislocated

Rockwood Test
Anterior stability

Posterior Apprehension Test
Posterior GH Instability
+patient resists test, apprehension, fear of dislocating shoulder

Push-Pull Test
Posterior Instability
+pain occurs or over 50% translation

Inferior shoulder instability and laxity
+apprehension and high laxity

Inferior Glenohumeral instability
+Dent between acromion and humeral head, humeral head displaces inferior

Speeds Test
Biceps brachii long head tendinopathy
+pain, weakness if torn

Yergason’s Test
Biceps tendon pathology, SLAP lesion
+Pain or snapping in bicipital groove, pain at GH joint

Long head of the biceps, rupture
+non palpable during active muscle contraction

Subacromial impingement of supraspinatus tendon against the coracoacromial ligament
+pain with motion, espiecally end of ROM

Neer Test
Subacromial impingement of supraspinatus
+pain especially at the end ROM

Clunk Test
Labrum Tear
+Clunk or grinding sound

O’brien Test
ACJ pathology, SLAP lesion
+ pain internal rotation but not external (clicking GH), ACJ pain

SLAP prehension
SLAP lesion
+pain position 1, relieved position 2

AC Pressure
ACJ pathology
+pain or laxity, compare to other shoulder

AC Traction
ACJ instability
+humerus and scapula move inferior to the clavicle, deformity, pain

Horizontal adduction/Cross over impingement
ACJ or SCJ instability
+pain with positioning, passive motion, ac joint, sc joint

Wall/Floor pushup
Scapular instability
+weakness or winging

Subscapularis instability
+Inability to lift hand off the back

Codman’s drop arm test
Rotator Cuff Tear
+Pain when attempting to lower arm or drops fast

Empty Can test
+pain and inability to resist force

Radial and Ulnar Collateral Stress Tests
Radial & Ulnar Collateral Ligament;
Pain or laxity compared to other side

Metacarpal and Interphalangeal Collateral Ligament Stress Tests
Radial & Ulnar Collateral Ligaments of the MCP IP joints;
Pain or laxity compared to other side

Lunotriquetral Ligament;
Laxity, crepitus or pain

Median Nerve Pathology, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Tingling develops or increases in thumb, index, middle, or lateral ring finger

Reverse Phalen’s
Median Nerve Pathology, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;
Tingling develops or increases in thumb, index, middle, or lateral ring finger

De Quervain’s disease;
Pain w/ movement

Scapholunate instability and possible dislocation;
pain or pop or thunk during articulation

Supination Lift
Triangular fibrocartilage complex Pathology;
pain ulnar side of wrist and difficulty applying force indicates a tear

Axial Load
Metacarpal, carpal, or joint arthrosis;
Pain or crepitus

Sweater Finger Sign
Ruptured flexor digitorum profundus tendon;
inability to bend

Tinel’s Sign (wrist)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neurological dysfunction;
Tingling develops or increases in (Median Nerve) thumb, index, middle, or lateral ring finger

Murphy’s Sign
Lunate dislocation;
Third metacarpal is level with the fourth and second metacarpal


Digital Allen
color does not return after 7-10 seconds

Valgus Ligamentous Stress Test
Medial Collateral ligament;
Pain or laxity

Varus Ligamentous Stress Test
Lateral Collateral ligament; laxity or pain

Posterolateral Pivot Shift
Posterolateral elbow instability with displacement of the ulna;
Apprehension and feeling of subluxation

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
Lateral epicondyle;

Cozen’s Test
Lateral epicondyle;

Lateral epicondyle;

Medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow)
Medial epicondyle;

Tinel’s sign (elbow)
Ulnar nerve pathology;
Tingling in forearm and hand down 5th finger

Ulnar nerve pathology;
inability to bring 5th finger together

Elbow Flexion Test
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome;
Pain, numbness or tingling felt on medial side of elbow and forearm

Pinch Grip
Anterior interosseous nerve syndrome;
Pads touch or inability to touch tips

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