Pet first aid: chapters 1-5

What is the Mission Statement of the American Red Cross?
The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Humanity …impartiality… Neutrality…universality…unity…independence …voluntary service

When is it safe to spay or neuter puppies?
8 weeks

What is required by law to be on your pet’s collar?
Affix license or rabies tags

How should your animal ride in a car?
Crate, carrier or restrained in a special harness that attaches to the seat belt.

When giving ear medications what side should you be on?
The same ear your treating

1ml is equal to?

5cc is equal to?
1 teaspoon

15cc is equal to
1 tablespoon

8 ounces is equal to?
A cup

When giving oral meds where do you put the syringe?
Behind the canines

E collar stands for ?
Elizabethan Collar

Initial evaluation of a scene of an emergency should take?
One minute

What should you evaluate?
Situation….airway…breathing…bleeding…circulation…mucous membrane color…capillary refill time..level of consciousness

Where are the four ways to check the pulse on a dog?
Left elbow touches the chest, inner thigh, just below the wrist (carpus), and just below the ankle (hock)

When feeling for your dogs heartbeat where the elbow touches the chest what side you lay the dog on?
Right side

When feeling for your dogs heartbeat on the inner thigh what side do you lay the dog on?
Either side

What is the normal heart rate for a puppy that’s less than a year old?
120-160 beats per min

What’s the normal heart rage of a small, mini, or toy breed that is 30 pounds or less
100-140 beats per min

What is the normal heart rate for a medium to large breed dog? (Greater than 30 pound)

Normal Respiration Rate for dogs?
10-30 breathes per min

How many pants per min?
200 per min

Normal temp for a dog?
100-102.5 °f

Temp Lower than …..or greater than… Is an emergency

What is the normal cool for mucous membranes?

What colors are an emergency for mucous membranes?
Blue, pale, yellow, cherry red, white, brick red or brown

Capillary Refill time is supposed to be ?
1 or 2 seconds

Body language warning signs?
Ears held forward
Ears straight back against head
Tail between legs
Growling with fur standing up
Submissive posture

All injured or sick animals may be inclined to bite so they should,be ….. Before any care is attempted…

What does CPR stand for?
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

When performing CPR at animal should be lying?
Right lateral

You should place your fingers in the mouth of a conscious animal to check for or remove any foreign material

You should give rescue breaths to a conscious animal

Small and medium dogs get how many compressions for every 1 breath with one rescuer? 2 rescues ?
5 compressions with 1 rescuer
3 compressions with 2 rescuers

How many chest compressions for every breath do giant dogs get? For one rescuer and 2?
10 compressions with 1
6 compressions with 2

How many chest compressions you perform per minute with a small dog?
100 to 120

How many chest compressions you perform per minute with a medium/ giant dog?

How long should CPR be preformed on an unresponsive animal before stopping?
20 minutes

What do ABC stand for?

USDA-APHIS Animal Care Resource Policy #12 “Considerations of Alternatives to Painful/Distressful Procedures” states that when a database search is the primary means of considerations to alternatives of painful and distressful procedures, that a narrative should include all of the following …

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