Sports Medicine Ch. 1-2

Chiropractor, doctor, surgeon, occupational therapist, sports psychologist, physical therapist (trainer), athletic trainer (ATC), biomechanics expert (mechanics of shots), exercise physiologist (body functions while exercising), nutritionist, message therapist
People involved in sports medicine

Bachelor’s degree in AT; comprehensive exam by BOC; 75 CEUs (continued education units) every 3 years; license
Education to become an ATC

Prevention (ankle tape, rehab, stretching, protective equipment/ clothing, field test, physical test); recognition/ evaluation/ assessment (pathology; injury evaluation); immediate care (first aid, 911, CPR); treatment (Tx)/ rehab/ reconditioning (icing, heat pads, knee pads, messages, PT); organization/ administration (injury reports, record-keeping); professional development (CEUs, articles, seminars)
6 performance domains for AT

Stamina/ adaptability, empathy, humor, communication, intellectual curiosity, ethical practice
Personal qualities for ATC

ATC, coach, physician, manager, athlete, teachers, school nurses
Primary sports medicine team

Physical tests; check-ups; allergies; medical conditions
A team physician does/ knows what?

Knowing limits of athletes; fitness tests; encouragement; supervision; checking field
A coach’s job includes what?

Phil Knight; Oregon
____ _______ donates hundreds of millions of dollars to the University of ________

Weaknesses (downsides); opportunities; threats (competition); strengths (good things); underlying planning (decision)

No goofing around with machinery; no snacks; no cell phone distractions; no loitering; shower before entering; no foul language/ cursing; no cleated shoes; keep equipment outside; shoes off Tx table
General rules for sports medicine clinics

Subjective (what patient tells you); objective (what you see/ feel about patient); assessment (what you think it is); plan (what you want patient to do for Tx)
Injury documentation: SOAP note

Band-aids, gauze, needles, tape, tongue depressors, first aid, cotton, gloves, pills
Expendable sports medicine supplies

Braces, scissors, crutches, towels, ace bandages, Tx tables, machinery
Non-expendable sports medicine supplies

Tape, scissors, 1st aid supplies, medi-quick 1st aid spray, gloves, gauze, band-aids, tape, universal tape, towel, CPR mask
In an AT’s bag

Which situation would warrant the coolest water temperature? a. pain management b. general exercise c. treatment of burns d. chronic osteoarthritis Answer: b Rationale: The temperature of water for general exercise should be between 79-92 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperature would …

An insight therapy that emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conicts, motives, and defenses through techniques such as free association and transference. Psychoanalysis A psychoanalytic technique in which clients spontaneously express their thoughts and feelings exactly as they occur, with as …

When repositioning an immobile patient, the nurse notices redness over a bony prominence. What is indicated when a reddened area blanches on fingertip touch? A. A local skin infection requiring antibiotics B. Sensitive skin that requires special bed linen C. …

Jennifer’s doctor has recently prescribed a drug that alters the activity in dopamine synapses. Her doctor is MOST likely treating Jennifer for symptoms of A. bipolar disorder. B. depression. C. an anxiety disorder. D. schizophrenia. D. schizophrenia. Electroconvulsive therapy and …

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