Chapter 11 Vocab – Parking Brake Operation, Diagnosis and Service

Application cables
uses the force passed through the linkage to apply the rear-wheel brake assembly. (Also called a rear cable or cables)

Body control module
controls the parking bake solenoid. When receives data that indicates the brake pedal is applied and the shifter is moved out of the park position, it activates the solenoids which release the parking brake.

control cables
attached to the parking brake lever or handle inside the vehicle. (Also called a front cable on some GM applications)

electric parking brake (EPB)
Two types; 1. Cable pulling type with electric motor to pull parking brake. 2. Advance unit is a computer controlled motor attached to brake caliper to activate the parking brake. Button on console activates parking brake.

balances the forces from the parking brake control and transmits an equal amount to each friction assembly

Intermediate lever
a lever in the parking brake linkage under the vehicle

red brake warning lamp
used to indicate the parking brake is applied or if there is a fault in the base brake system

transfer cable
transmits a force to an intermediate lever or equalizer to the application cables

vacuum servo
an automatic release mechanism that disengages the parking brake.

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