Shuttle Memory Items & Limitations 170/175

Air Conditioning Smoke
Oxygen Masks, Verify, On, One Hundred Percent.
Crew Communications, Establish

Rct on radar
Rain echo attenuation compensation technique….. It will show a cyan wedge behind a storm it can not “see” through…. So… Dont go there

Electrical System Fire or Smoke
Oxygen Masks, Verify, On, One Hundred Percent.
Crew Communications, Establish

What is act of radar
Automatic compensated tilt…. Sets radar parallel to earth surface for you phase of flight…

Smoke Evacuation
Oxygen Masks, Verify, On, One Hundred Percent.
Crew Communications, Establish

How do you turn on radar on the ground
Both pilots select FSBY box, forced standy override… Or push the stab off box on off 4 times… To activate the fsby option.

Pitch Trim Runaway
Auto Pilot, Trim, Disconnect Button, Press and Hold

Roll (Yaw) Trim Runaway
Auto Pilot, Trim, Disconnect Button, Press and Hold

Steering Runaway
Steer Disconnect Switch, Press

In target in radar
You only get 12 degrees of scan

Jammed Control Wheel, Roll
Aileron Disconnect Handle, Pull

Variable gain on radar
Means you can use the ccd knob to manually change the gain on the radar…. Shouldnt be used until you know what you are doing

Jammed Control Column, Pitch
Elevator Disconnect Handle, Pull

Cabin Altitude Hi
Oxygen Masks, Verify, On, One Hundred Percent.
Crew Communications, Establish

Single Engine Taxi is not authorized when:
Braking Action is less than Good. RVR less than 1200. A power out is required, No Push back

After Landing
If starting A. P. U. , Do not shut down engine until APU has established at 95 percent for more than 3 seconds. 2 minute cooldown required prior to engine shutdown. Wait one minute after shutting an engine down to start A. P. U.

no flaps 4
for approach and landing

Max operations airspeed, Max Operating Mach Number
VMO and MMO 0.82

Turbulent Airspeed, Below 10,000 feet. At and Above 10,000 feet.
250 knots and 270 knots or 0.7 Mach which ever is less.

Max Tire Limit Speed
195 Knots

Max Windshield Wiper Speed
250 knots

Max Gear Extension and Retraction V.L.O.
250 Knots

Max Gear Extended VLE
250 Knots

Max Flap Speed VFE Position 1

Max Flap Speed VFE Position 2

Max Flap Speed VFE Position 3

Max Flap Speed VFE Position 4

Max Flap Speed VFE Position 5

Max Flap Speed VFE Position Full Flaps

For use of the Auto Flight Control System, minimum height for engagement after takeoff is, Enroute, and Non Precision App
400 feet, 500 feet and 200 feet

For use of the Auto Flight Control System, minimum height for engagement during a coupled ILS is
50 feet

The APU Limits for the Starter Duty Cycle are
For starts 1 and 2, 60 Seconds On, 60 Seconds Off.
For starts 3, 60 Seconds On, 5 Minutes Off.

Engine Starter Duty Limits Are:
For starts 1 and 2, 90 seconds on while on ground, 120 seconds On while in flight, with 10 Seconds off.
For starts 3 through 5, 90 seconds on while on ground, 120 seconds On while in flight, with 5 minutes off.

Engine Starter Dry Motoring Limits Are
For start 1,90 Seconds On, 5 minutes off.
For starts, 2 through 5, 30 Seconds On, 5 minutes off.
After 5 sequential motorings a 15 minute cool down is required.

Max Altitude for Starting APU

Max Altitude for APU assisted Engine Start

Max Altitude for APU Bleed use

Max Altitude for Electrical Use of APU

Eicas Engine Limit Display Markings Are
Red for Max and Mins, Amber for Cautions, and Green for Normal Operating Range

Flex is not Permitted
On Contaminated Runways

170 Max Landing

175 Max Landing

Max Fuel Imbalance

Min Fuel Tank Temp
minus 40 degrees C

Max Operating Altitude
Flight Level 410

Max Flap Altitude
20,000 feet

A Departure Review Will include the following
Clearance. Departure Procedures. Special Considerations. Airport Advisory Information. Acceleration Altitude if greater than 1,000 feet.
Noise Abatement Procedures, Engine out Procedures. Emergency Return Plan. Rejected Takeoff. Lower than Standard Takeoff and Alternate, Terrain, Weather Considerations

Release Briefing
The Captain will brief the First Officer on the following items:
Tail Number; Destination, Ramp Fuel, Proper Crewmembers, Pertinent Weather, Notams, and Alternate Airports

Max Takeoff 170

Max Ramp 170

Max Zero Fuel Weight 170
65,256 and 66,446 Weight increase after N645RW

Min Temp for Takeoff
minus 40 C

Max temp for Take off and landing
52 C

Min Temp for Operations
minus 54 c

Max Tailwind Component
10 knots

240 Knots

up to 8,000, 300 knots. 8,000 to 10,000 300 increasing to 320. 10,000 to Flight Level 290, 320 knots. Above 290 .82 Mach

Max Diff up to 37,000
7.8 PSI

Max Diff Above 37,000
8.34 PSI

Max Diff Negative Pressure
Negative 0.5

Max Diff Pressure for Takeoff and landing
0.2 PSI

Take off is prohibited with brake temps
In the Amber

Crossfeed Operations
Must be off to Takeoff and landing

Max Fuel Capacity and Amount unusable per wing
20,935 pounds and 100 pounds

Max N1

Min and Max N2
58.5% & 99.4%

Max Start ITT
815 Degrees C

Min and Max Oil Pressure
25 PSI and 95 PSI

Max Oil Temperature
155 C Max, and 163 C Max Transient Limited to first 15 minutes of operations above 155 C

Flex Take off reduction must not exceed
25% of full takeoff thrust

ATTCS must be ON for all takeoff and landings

LOC back course is not authorized when
using IESS

TAS, TAT and SAT valid above
60 knots

Standby Mag Compass not valid while
transmitting on VHF 1

Max difference between altitudes:
Altitude -2000ft to 10000ft, 50 feet.

10000 to 20000 ft, 120feet.

20000 ft to 41000, 180 feet.

Mcdu must be set to what during taxi out if icing is anticipated?
Take Off Data Set All. The setting must be off or all, engine (eng) is not a permitted setting at Shuttle.

What is the Engine Start Procedure POH 4-55-6
Normally start #1 first. Engine #2 may be started first if conditions warrant. Warning: Do Not start the remaining engine until the ITT red line reschedules after engine start. The FO initiates the engine start and monitors the start process. Start the engine using the following procedure:
1. Start/Stop 1 or 2 selector//// to Start, then Run. Hold for 2 seconds. This selector shall be gaurded in order to expedite an abort if necessary.
2. EICAS Display ……Observe that N2 is increasing. At 7% N2 IGN A or B is displayed. At 20% N2, Note Fuel Flow increasing. Within 5 seconds of fuel flow You will note Light Off (or an abort is necessary) Note ITT increasing. At approximately 50% N2 IGN A or B Extinguishes. Note Oil Pressure, Positive Indication.
3. Before Applying Take Off Thrust, allow the engines 2 minutes (from the time of ITT red line rescheduling) for warm up.

What are the Logbooks and Manuals required to be onboard and current in the aircaft? POH170-13-13, Chap 4-1
MX Log, MEL, AOM vol 2, SPM, POH, GOM, Normal Checklists, QRH, QRC, Honeywell Guide for FMS.

When Should the Arrival Announcement be completed
Keep it short and include pertinent operational items such as the current weather, Gate info, etc. It should be completed asap after accomplishing the Descent Checklist after passing FL 180.

What Are the Parameters of a Stabilized Approach According to Shuttle America
At 1000′ above TDZE, the aircraft shall be in the landing configuration and on glide path with a descent rate of 1000 feet per minute or less. A momentary deviation of up to 1200 feet per minutes shall be permitted. Landing Configuration is defined as gear down and flaps in the final flap setting. at 500′ above TDZE, the aircraft shall be on glide and the airspeed shall be stabilized at Vref + the appropriate wind additive. If any of the approach parameters are not met, a Missed Approach shall be executed.

Maximum Recommended Crosswinds
Dry Runway 38 knots, Wet Runway 31 knots, Compacted Snow 20 knots, Standing Water/Slush 18 knots, Wet Ice 12 knots

What is a HOBO check
Hydraulics, O2, Brakes, Oil; Done on FO Orig/Recv Flow

What is the Green Dot
L/D Max, SE Drift Down Speed

What Does the Net Level Off on the Drift Down Chart in the SPM give you
1.1 degree climb gradient

Where can you find Landing Speeds if the ACARS is inop
QRH SUP-15 and the SPM

What is FADEC
Full Authority Digital Electronic Control, the main component of the Engine control system, it provides Engine Protection, Control of requested and Max N1, and Control of the ATTCS. AOM vol. 2, 14-06-30 pg 1

What are some other things the FADEC controls
Fuel Metering, VGV’s to improve N1 efficiency, Operability Bleed Valve, T2 Sensor Heater, Engine Starting, Ignition for engine start and auto dry motoring, to prevent engine flame out during operations. AOM vol. 2, 14-06-30 pg 2

Max Ramp 170

Max Ramp 175

Max TO 170

Max TO 175

Max ZFW 175

Max ZFW 170
65256, After 645RW, 66446

Tail Strike Attitude
170-12.3 degrees, 175 11.4 degrees

170 Range with standard reserves
approximately 2000 nm (see SPM Cruise ex 19000lbs of fuel x 0.133 to compute range)

The AC Packs are located where
in an unpressurized area forward of the wing root

When turning the aircraft what part of the aircraft most adversely affects your turn radius?
The Tail, 54’9″ for 170 and 59″2′ for the 175

What type of baggage bins does the 170 have
Class C (Will Starve fire of o2)

What is an IESS
Integrated Electric Standby System

When do we transition to Mach
FL290. (Mau transitions)

What Controls Autopilot 1 and 2?
MAU 1 and MAU 3 respectively

How many Fire DET are in the Cargo Bins? Forward and Aft?
3 FWD and 2 AFT

How many fire bottles for the cargo area are available?
2, 1 High rate 60 seconds and 1 Low rate 60 minutes. Once Fired both bottles must go into the same cargo area. You can not Split the bottles between Fwd and aft cargo bays.

How many buses are powered with Batt 1 and 2 in the On and Auto positions respectively?
6. AC Stby, 2 Hot Batt, 3 DC Ess,

What displays are powered with Batt 1 and 2 in the On and Auto positions respectively? Safety and Power On
Display units 2 (Status Page) and 3, # 2 MCDU, # 1 CCD, VHF 1, IESS, CLOCK, Compass Light, ACP Panels 1 & 2. #1 Display Control Unit.

How many batteries are there for the Emergency lights?
4, Two forward, Two Aft

What Powers the IESS

What is in the Fire Ext onboard the AC
Halon 1301

How many ship batteries are onboard?
2, 24 volt 27 Amp hour batteries

What is the Take off Config button checking for
Flap Position, Spoilers Retracted, Parking Brake Off, Stab Trim

EICAS Full button does what?
Cancels the EICAS declutter.

An electronic integrated device, providing power distribution and protection for the airplane electrical loads. There are 4 ICC’s. They send power to the SPDA’s

What Does the SPDA do?
An electrical Load management unit which receives power from the ICC AC/DC electrical buses and distributes it to the airplanes systems, according to system logic.

What Kind of APU do we have
Sundstrand APS 2300, Centrifugal Compressor with two stage Axial turbine. Spins at 12,000 RPMs.

When is engine start cycle complete?
When ITT red line reschedules.

When Will you get A/I protection with TO Dataset to OFF
The Anti Ice valves will be initiated closed until the end of takeoff phase, the logic says this is 2 minutes after takeoff or Passing 1700 AGL. After that, the engine and wing anti-ice valves will open if ice is described.

When will you get A/I protection with TO dataset to ALL
The engine Anti Ice valves are are commanded open after the completion of engine start, the wing anti ice valves are commanded open with wheel speed greated than 40 knots.

In ENG or ALL regarding Anti Ice rely on Ice Detection when
we are above 1700 AGL or 2 minutes after liftoff.

What Flight Control Surfaces are on the Hyd 3 System?
Outboard Actuators for Ailerons, Lower Rudder Acutator, Outboard Actuator Right Elevator.

What are the four IDLE positions?
Flight, Ground, Approach, Final Approach

Do the Service Doors and Main Entry Doors operate in the same way?

How Many lights do you see during the fire test?
6.5.4. Six lights on overhead, Two Fire Handles, FWD AFT Cargo, APU FIRE, APU EMER STOP. 5 EICAS messages, ENG 1 FIRE, ENG 2 FIRE, FWD CARGO SMOKE, AFT CARGO SMOKE, APU FIRE. Two Inverse video tag red FIRE labels on the ITT and Both Master Warnings.

What Engines are on the 170/175?
CF34-8E5 14200lbs RSV and 13000 STD Commercial Fan, 34 Series, 8 is for the 170/175 series, E5 is for the power rating.

How many Fuel Nozzels are in each can?
18 Nozzles.

What provides Shimmy dampening?
Nose wheel steering

In the event of landing below what temperature must a maintenance inspection be completed?
-40 C

When can the gear warning inhibit button not be silenced
1. Slat Flap lever in a landing position 5 or Full, or,
2. Slat/Flap 0 1 2 3 4, And, below RA 700ft, or, Thrust Lever is set below 59 degrees for 1 engine ops and below 45 degress for a 2 engine ops.

The Speed Brakes / Spoilers Automatically Retract
Speed below 180, or, Flaps >1, or, TLA > 70

If Both RA’s have failed the landing gear warning can be silenced when?
warning inhibition silences the aural gear warning only when at flaps 0 1 2 3 4

What are the thrust lever limitations
No powerback. Ground Use Only. Full Stop Landings only, do not attempt a go around after deployment. Idle reverse maximum below 60kts.

Define Verbatim Icing Conditions
10 degrees C or below and ….
1. Visible moisture in any form is present such as clouds, fog with visibility of one mile or less, rain, snow, sleet, and ice crystals;
2. When operating on ramps, taxiways, or runways where surface snow, Ice, standing water, or slush may be ingested by engines; or freeze on engines, nacelles, or engine sensor probes.

Define On Ground Engine and wing Anti-ice System Operations
During Taxi out and Takeoff, the MCDU TO DATASET MENU must be set to ALL when SAT is 10 degrees or below and icing conditions exist or are anticipated. POH 2-15

What could happen if you delay the use of anti-system until ice buildup is visible from the flight deck?
This may result in ice ingestion and possible engine damage and or flameout.

What are the Flap Limitations
No enroute Use, Max Altitude 20,000 feet, Do not hold in icing with flaps extended.

When can the landing gear downlock release button be used?
Only in an emergency situation where obstacle clearance is required.

What Hydraulic System Powers the Ailerons?
Inboard Actuators, System 2, Outboard Actuators are on System 3

What Hydraulic System Powers the Rudder?
Upper Actuator System 1, Lower Actuator System 3

What Hydraulic System Powers the Elevator
All Three, Left Elevator Outboard actuator Sys 1; Inboard actuators on both sides are on System 2, Right Elevator Outboard Actuator System 3. Left to right 1223

What Hydraulic System Powers the Landing Gear
Outboard Brakes System 1, Inboard Brakes System, Nose wheel Steering in on system 2.

When do you set the Stab Trim trim to full nose down?
During De-icing and when you are securing the aircraft overnight and it is less than 10 degrees C.

Horizontal Stab is?
Electrically Controlled and Hydraulically Actuated. 2 big DC motors.

Can the CVR be erased?
Yes on the ground with the parking brake set?

How many smart probes are on the Aircraft?
4. Each have A and B Channels that send info to the ADC. Captain ADS 1, FO ADS 2, Backup for Both is ADS 3, IESS is ADS 4, Flight Controls ADS 5. ADS 1 is Channel A 1,2; ADS 2 Channel A 3,4; ADS 3 and 4 Channel B 3,4; ADS 5 Channel A, 1,2.

The Primary Ejector pump
provides clean positive pressure vapor free hydro carbons.

What is AC Bus Tie Logic for the SPDA
Onside, Inside, Outside, Crossside; Bustie contactor logic provides this auto logic, managed by the SPDA

From APU Start without power to number 2 engine start what fuel pumps activate?
DC pump comes on to start APU, the number 2 ACMP, the primary ejector

IRU What does it do?
Inertial Reference Unit, it does not revert automatically

Elt Batteries
will provide power for 10 minutes

IDG GLC closes and brings the IDG online at
50% N2

IDG light on Overhead will illuminate with

GPU button prefights in what position

Mau Provides and SPDA provides
Command Function and Auto Functions

Max altitude difference between ADS 1 and 1
-2000 to 10000 feet is 50ft; 10000 to 20000 is 120 feet; 20000 to 41000 is 180 feet

When the DC tie contactor is off what bus ties open?

At what temperature do we get a battery overheat?
70 Degrees C

Batt 1 provides what for APU start

Where are the SPDA’s located
FWD Bay and Center Bay

DC-GPU is only for
Starting the APU

What is on the AC STBY Bus
Ign 1A and 2A

What is on the Hott Batt Bus 1?
ENG OIL Level, ENG 1 & 2 A Fire EXT, FSOV 1, HSOV1

What is on the Hott Batt Bus 2?
CMC, ENG 1&2 B FIRE EXT, FSOV 2, HSOV 2, Refuel Panel, Waste System Control Panel

Fire Detection is powered on what bus
DC essential

What is housed in the ICC’s?
LICC houses AC BUS1, TRU 1, DC bus 1, AC GND SVC, DC GND SVC. RICC houses, AC BUS 2, TRU 2, DC Bus 2, and DC ESS Bus 2. EICC houses AC ESS, AC STBY, DC ESS 1 & 3, HOTT BATT 1. AICC houses the APU START Bus and HOTT Bus 2

How many buses are there, fuel pumps, and fuel capacitance probes per wing?
13, 13,13

A & R is a specifed time, B is 3 days, C is 10 days, D & P is 120 Days.

What Information Does the Smart Probe provide to the ADC?
Angle of Attack, Static Pressure, Ram Pressure

Is the landing gear lever a mechanical or electrical switch?
Electrical it sends a signal to the Landing Gear Solenoid to raise or lower the gear.

What centers the nose wheel when retracting the gear?
A centering Cam.

What hydraulic system is the Langing gear on?

When you select gear down on the electrical override switch, what are we bypassing?

If the electrical override switch fails to lower the gear what option to we have and how does it work?
The emergency landing gear lever, it mechanically releases the pressure on both sides of the main and nose gear actuators and the the uplock/downlock actuators and is linked to three cable runs going to the three uplocks which are released and allow the gear to free fall.

If you extend the gear with emer ext lever, what holds the nose and main gear down and locked

What do we lose if we have to use the emergency ext lever to extend the gear?
Nose wheel steering pressure, is on the extension side of the landing gear hydraulic system?

How many brake applications do we have with emergency gear lever?

During the electrical PBIT what should you not do?
Turn on any hydraulic pumps.

how do we accomplish the hydraulic pbit? how long does it take? When is a warm up required?
4-7 of POH, turn on required checklist required pumps; 1 minute; 7-4 of POH HYD sys warm up required when overnight parking temps were lower <=-18 C

How do we turn on/off Nose Wheel Steering?
Push down on the tiller to turn it on, Disccnnect is on backside of yolk

What flight controls are electrically controlled and electrically operated.
Stab and Slats/Flaps. One Motor (of the two) for Stab is on DC ESS. One Motor of Two is on AC Essential for the Slat/Flaps.

When operating on the RAT will we have slat/flaps?
Yes, but they operate at a slower rate.

What is the output and pressure capacity of the HYD EDP?
19 GPM and 3000 PSI

What Higher Level Functions are associated with the Elevator.
Thrust Compensation, Auto Pilot, AOA limiting, Airspeed Gain Limiting (prevents over stressing surfaces with speed) , Auto Config Trim

What Higher Level Functions are associated with Rudder?
Yaw Damper, Turn Coordinator

What controls the higher level functions?
FCM, There are 4 of them FCM 1 & 2 are in MAU 1, FCM 3 & 4 are in MAU 3.

How do we know that the RAT has successfully deployed?
Battery Discharging EICAS messages goes out.

If you press one of the center pedestal trim switches or one side of the yolk trim for more than 7 seconds, What Happens?
The MAU shuts off the switch, and it can not be reset until the aircraft power is recycled.

The Linear Electric Actuator for the Aileron trim is located in the
Left wheel well

What do the SYS1 or SYS2 CUTOUT button do?
Stops DC motors on Stab Trim.

There are two HS.ACE’s in the AFT Ebay they respond to all pitch trim commands with what priority?
BU Switches, CA, FO, AP

You have to be in the green band range for STAB trim to get TAKEOFF CONFIG OKAY.

The Multi-functions Spoilers provide what? How many per wing?
Roll Control, Speed Brake, Ground Spoilers. Three per wing, Panels 3 4 & 5.

What is the Max the Speedbrakes can deflect in flight?
30 Degrees. At VMO and MMO the Max they will deflect is 8 degrees.

Ground Spoilers include All five panels, what is the max deflection?
40 degrees for MFS, and 60 degrees for Panels 1 & 2

When will the Ground Spoilers Auto deploy?
W.O.W. & WST > 40 knots & airspeed > 60 knots & TLA < 26 degrees.

When will the Ground Spoilers Auto Retract?
WST <45knots AND TLA > 35 degrees

SLAT PDU Turns a torque tube that lowers 4 slats per wing, What slats are heated? what is at the end of the torque tube? How is it Powered?
2 3 & 4. A position indicator it is powered by AC. So…..!!! on Safety and Power on check you need to visually check that they are all retracted and that the areas are clear of baggage carts, etc. Before you Add AC power and hurt something or someone. In the Sim, ask the instructor if they are retracted on Safety and Power On.

What are the positions available for Slats?
15 degrees (Flaps 1, 2, & 3) & 25 Degrees (Flaps 4, 5, & Full)

What triggers slats to stop because of skew or assymetry?
Have a skew sensor sense one slat group driving faster than another sensor (skew) OR the position indicator senses a greater than one half a degree. (assymetry)

What holds the slats or flaps in the position you selected or stop movement?
Brakes in the Slat/flap motors are automatic when the motor is denergized.

There are two Motors in the SLAT PDU how are they powered?
One Ess AC and and one is Main AC. the PDU Drives a transmission, which drives a torque tube…with a position transmitter at the end.

What kind of power do we need for SLAT/Flap position?
AC…So…..!!! on Safety and Power on check you need to visually check that they are all retracted and that the areas are clear of baggage carts, etc. Before you Add AC power and hurt something or someone. In the Sim, ask the instructor if they are retracted on Safety and Power On.

With Flaps/Slats stopped after sensing a skew, can we rest the system?

With Flaps/Slats stopped after sensing assymetry, can we rest the system?

What Flap Slat positions are Detent/Gated?
0, 4, & Full

What are the SLAT/FLAP positions with lever positions
0 0 0
1 15 5
2 15 10
3 15 20
4 25 20
5 25 20
Full 25 30

What is Fixed Control Logic?
Fixed Gain Limiting, Changes the amount of deflection we get from our control inputs based on Flap position.

What can cause FLAPS FAIL on EICAS?
Asymmetry- dectected by SFACE- wingtip Pos. Indicators
Uncommanded motion
Slat Inboard or Outboard Skew detected by skew sensor
Loss of Power

If you are on the rat, one slat/flap ace will be powered, and one motor will move the flaps at a slower speed

The slats have to come out to at least position 1 or 15 degrees to get the flaps to extend, can this be reset if we get a flap fail?

If the slats fail to go to 15 degrees, what is the maximum flap setting you can get?
Flaps 2 which is 10 degrees of flaps. REF chart in QRH Tab 8-8

Speed of Sound at SL 15C is
661 knots

Speed of Sound at 410 -56C is
574 Knots

True Airspeeds corresponding to a specific Mach can vary depending on Density
True, TAS Decrease with an Increase in Density

Mach number is calculated how

Mach Crit
Is the speed at which if exceeded there will be airflow on the aircraft exceeding the Speed of Sound

The Minimum load factor for smooth flight conditions or light turbulence is 1.3 G Buffet Margin. Use 1.5 G Buffet Margin for Moderate Turbulence flight conditions. Where is the associated chart found for Buffet Onset
Sup. Perf Man. Buffet Onset Chart 1-118 for the 170. Or see the Cruise Planning Charts for Weight and Altitude in the SPM

The E jet has what kind of wing
super critical

When does the red PLI come into view?
1.05% of Stall

When Does the amber PLI come into view?
1.13% of Stall

When does the Green PLI come into view
1.20 % of Stall

How do you calculate the specific range in nm?
Multiply you Specific range in nm/lb (from your SPM cruise planning chart) TIMES the Amount of Fuel On Board (available outside of reserve fuel.) Example 8000 lbs on board, 2000lbs required for reserve…. so if your given SR in nm/lb is 0.123 calcualte as follows:

If you couldn’t find your SPM to calculate your best holding speed. What could you use for best holding speed.
Green Dot.

In Vertical Speed the auto throttles operate on speed on

What speeds define coffin corner
Vs and mmo/vmo

If windshear is scheduled during your arrival or departure time….
delay delay delay

What makes windshear recovery signals?
Reactive Windshear Protection given by GPWS (as opposed to predictive) It works based on RA from 10ft to 1500ft. Any windshear or velocity change that the aircraft can not perform over (according to Craig)

The normal ops of the bleed system is automatic L ENG to L Manifold, R Eng to R Manifold. If more than one bleed source is available the AMS logic uses the following priority:
Onside Engine, Opposite Engine, APU if activated

Can APU bleed be used for Anti Ice Ops in flight?

The ECS packs 1 and 2 shal be closed when?
A bleed as source is not available for the pack.
The respective pack is OFF.
Any ENG is starting and WOW it true.
The respective ENG is starting, WOW is false and the opposite engine is not starting.
Respective bleed system duct leak.
Respective packs BIT shutdown failures are present, PACK 1 or 2 FAIL EICAS message displayed.

Air management system controller AMSC controls logic for
Engine Bleed, APU Bleed, ECS Packs, Recirc bay smoke Detection. In SPDA 2

When will the respective bleed valves open?
When the respective bleed switch is set to auto. Resp engine bleed is available. No Fire is detected in the respective engine. No Bleed duct leak is detected.

The ECS off signal closes the packs during takeoff when
ANy of the following occur:
One Eng inop and APU bleed is not available.
Thrust Levers set to MAX and APU Bleed not available.
TDS REF ECS set to OFF on the MCDU and APU bleed is not Available.
TDS ref ECS set to OFF and the TDS REF A/I set to ALL on the MCDU.

The Packs are recovered from an ECS OFF signal when?
Thrust Lever reduced below TOGA.
500FT AFE with 2 good engines
Above 9700FT for 8000ft or below Fields (above 15000ft if field is above 8000ft) and One Engine Inop.
The Airplane is above 9700ft during GA in case of one engine inop.

What is the minimum preferred buffet margin (Min Load Factor) in moderate turbulence?

What is the preferred buffet margin (min load factor) in light chop to still air

Where are the Packs located?
In the in the Wing to Fuselage Fairing. an unpressurized area

In Auto when will the recirc fans be commanded off?
When the DUMP button is pressed or when smoke is detected in the recirc bay

The pack 1 ram air check valve opens automatically when?
The Airplane is in flight, Pack 1 and 2 are commanded OFF or failed and the aircraft flight altitude is less than 25000 ft.

The emergency ram air check valve on pack 2 will be open when?
The outside pressure is greater than cabin pressure

What are the components of the Cabin Pressure Controller System
A CPC, 1 outflow valve, 1 Negative Pressure relief valve, 1 positive pressure relief valve, one static port.

Manual mode puts both channels of the CPC to

Pressurization Control Manual Mode is limited by what?
Differential Pressure, not cabin altitude limited, and no auto cabin depressurization on ground is provided.

When does the Positive pressure relief valve open automatically?
8.7 PSID

Negative Pressure relief valve limits negative cabin pressure to what?
-0.5 PSID

The guarded dump button will raise the cabin altittude to
12400ft for smoke removal or emergency evacuation

Why does specific range decrease at higher altitudes?
Because of Induced Drag from an increased angle of attack.

Bleed air is used for
ECS, Eng start, Eng and wing AI, Water Pressurization

What do PACKS do?
Make Cold Air.

Extract air from engines
Extracted air from engines goes through a nacelle pressure regulating and shut off valve (better known as the bleed air shut off valve), This valve will extract either 6th or 10th stage air to make 45psi in the bleed air line. It is a shut off AND reguleting valve to set 45 psi downline. If you are using wing AI, Mau will command the BASOV to get it from the 10th stage.

The Precooler cools bleed air before it enters the pack to what temp?
to 204 c/405 f or WITH A/I selected it cools it to 230C/438F. So air from precooler to the PACK is either 204C or 230C AND 45 PSI.

When will the 10th stage bleed air valve always open
when you are commanding Eng or Wing Anti Ice.

The Precooler is cooled by fan bleed air
an overboard valve opens and closes to change how much of this fan air cools the precooler and inturn controls how much the precooler cools the bleed air (to either 204C or 230C)

There are two sensors on each side of X bleed valve if it sees pressure (7psi) on both sides it stays

There are two sensors on each side of X bleed valve if it sees pressure on one side it stays

When you are at the gate on AC power what is provides air circulation in the cockpit and the cabin?
Two BA Recirc Fans. The Left fan for the Cockpit, the right fan for the cabin. The recirc fans provide 48% of air circulationsin cabin, the packs provide 52%.

Where do you verify good bleed pressure for start? What about temperature?
On the Status Page on the ground, just off of the engines.
In the Air on the ECS Page. Or you can Check the Anti Ice page on the ground or in the air, on this page you get temp AND pressure of the bleed air

Bleed Air SOV.
Electrically (hot batt bus) controlled, pneumatically operated, fail safe to the closed position.

Pack Valves describe
Pressure regulating venturi valves, electrically controlled pnuematically operated fail safe to the closed position. They lose power they close.

Craigs Pack Descriptions
Ram Air to Primary and Secondary Heat Exchanger to Discharge through Stainless Steel Louvers. Meanwhile, Hot Engine Bleed Air runs seperately through Precoolers the to the PACK’s Primary Heat Exchanger,then to the Air Cycle Machine’s compression turbine, then to the Secondary exchanger and then back to the ACM’s Expansion Turbine. Now the air is <0C so it is mixed with some hot air from the Secondary Heat Exchanger (the 2 degree valve raises the air to 2 C. Then the air goes into the Water Seperator, then to another mixing valve (The one controlled from the cockpit) that takes this air and mixes it again with straight bleed air to go into the cockpit and cabin providing temps settings from 19c to 30c.

On the Ground what provides air to the packs if operating?
A fan is shafted to the ACM that pulls air into the pack (from the same ram air scoop) when on the ground. The fan is always operating.

If you turn off the Left Pack what also turns off?
The left recirc fan. (Not the same for the right recirc fan)

Left Pack air goes to the cockpit right pack air goes to the…

What does the Gasper SOV do?
If the temp inside the MIXER goes to 95F or higher, it opens to allow recirc air from right recirc fan to go to the gaspers.. AOM 14-2-10 page 2

When you are using a HP air cart what should you do with the PACKS?
Turn them off! Close the Pack Valves.

The positive pressure relief valve opens at what psi
8.7 psi differential, Craig’s example At 35000 feet the pressure is 3.5 psi, Max differential is 8.7 so 3.5 plus 8.7 is 12.2psia, which is what we are feeling in the cockpit. So when the Difference Between the Outside pressure and Inside the Airplane is more that 8.7 psi differential. The valve snaps open above this differential, then snaps closed when the difference is less than 8.7.

When does the Negative Pressure relief valve open
Negative 0.5 psid

Bleed Air shut off valve
electrically controlled pneumatically operated pressure regulating

Where do we plug in our bleed air hose?
right in the middle of the ram scoops

Where is the ships outflow valve?
The right wheel well

The SPDA manages the AMS auto logic.
Buttons are IN/Normal/AUTO

How can we shut off both recirc fans?
Press Recirc switch, Press Dump Switch, Smoke in Recirc Bay

Checking your good start you will look for?
2. 4. 6. Five and a half. Good oil press. good oil temp. and good vibrations

Maximum ITT prior to start is what?

To use APU for take off bleeds
Go to MCDU TRS Takeoff Data set pg 1/1 and Choose OFF on REF ECS.

If we have a pack fail, what is our max altitude?

When you see ENG REF ECS OFF on EICAS after start what is the Aircraft telling you?
It is a reminder to shut down the APU, because you have told the TO DATA set page that you didnt want the APU. You havent selected ECS REF OFF to tell the Airplane you want to use the APU for Takeoff.

Dual Pack Failure?
Spin L:ower ALT. Push Flight level change.

5 amber lights on the overhead
3 amber bars on bleed buttons, two idg lights

What TRU will you lose when you lose the FWD EBAY FANS FAIL?
Essential TRU which is in the EICC in the FWD EBAY. ICC 1 and 2 are in the MID EBAY.

Why land at nearest suitable with Center EBAY fan FAIL EICAS msg?
BC we could lose both TRU 1 and TRU 2. DC intensive airplane.

Main components of Pressurization System
CPC with two channels, cabin outflow valve, negative relief valve, Safety Valve (Positive Press Relief Valve

Where is the CPC?
Underneath Capt seat in FWD Ebay

Cabin Box on your EICAS display
Does not declutter

Where can you find your Outflow valve position?
ECS synoptic page.

What does the Mode Selector Knob do? (on the Pressurization Panel (Overhead Panel))

When you assign a departure airport and runway, Designate your Cruise Altitude, Designate Arrival Airport and runway, what happens?
The FMS programs your pressurization setting for you.

If your airport is not in your FMS database, then you have to use the LFE CTRL on your Mode Selector Knob which is still what kind of function?
An automatic function! The CPC is still regulating pressure in the cabin based on the LFE you have programmed.

If you go to MAN on the Press. Mode Knob select a different cabin altitude what do the up and down selections do for you?
Manually controls the outflow valve. Selecting UP opens the outflow valve and RAISES cabin altitude. Selecting Down moves the Outflow valve to close and LOWERS the Cabin Altitude. Manual WILL NOT depressurize the aircraft on the ground. You have to hold the OUTFLOW valve open by holding the CABIN ALT knob in the up position.

Automatic. When you press this switch, the cabin will climb at 2000fpm to 12400 feet cabin altitude. Then the Cabin will increase, according to its natural leak. It also turns off Recirc Fans and Packs.

When you see your LFE on the EICAS in CYAN what does that mean? What if there was an M infront of the LFE altitude?
The M means that through the LFE CTRL you set the LFE yourself. If there is not an M infront of the CYAN LFE then that is the last LFE altitude the FMS sent the CPC before they stopped talking to each other.

Cabin Altitude Green Amber and Red Ranges
Green: -1500+8000

What are the PSID pressures for the following CPC modes?
First Engine Start
Second engine start
Below 37000
Above 37000
Then CPC will calculate the TOD for Cabin

The CPC will use abort mode when?
see 14-02-20 page 10

Maximum PSI diff over pressure.

Tell me about the O2 Cylinder.
77 cubic foot cylinder pressurized up to 1850 psi. Green 3 crewmembers good to 1150psi. Cyan 2 crewmembers 842psi.. Amber need service.

Test switch on O2 panel.
In 100%. press and hold test switch, you will see the cat eye blink at you. When you go to EMER and press test switch, the cat eye will stay open as long as you are holding switch.

How do you get back to your boom mic after an emergency descent when you have taken your O2 mask off.
Close the O2 storage doors, and press the test swtich.

Passenger masks will drop in auto, when?
14000 +250 -500

Portable O2 Flight attendants must notify when below
1200psi. It has a 4 liter valve, high flow valve. and a 2 liter low flow valve. It should have two masks and a yellow pouch with it

How long do the Gaseous PBE’s last for, ie what is 02 duration up to 40000
15 minutes.

The windshield Heater
is a film located on the inboard surface of the outer glass play, with provides anti-ice capability

What is heated on the 170
Slats 2 3 4 (pneumatic), Smart Probes (turned on w eng start or mcdu), Tat Sensors, Engine Cowl (Pneumatic), T2 Probe (electrically heated by fadec), Door Seal Heaters, potable water drain mast, waste serving, Ice Detector, Wind Shield (80% heated with embedded carbon to about 130 F)

Wing anti Ice switch moves
Both wing AI valves

The Engine AI valve is on which side of the BASOV
the engine side

If you have airspeed showing on the ground at the gate… there may be trapped pressure in a iced over smart probe. Remember
You have to check that there are no digits in the airspeed window during your originating receiving, If you have an iced over probe you can heat them by pushing the ADS probes switch (if installed) or start an engine

Wing AI with one engine possible?
Yes! If we lose an engine, the xbleed valve will open and we can heat both wings with bleed from one engine.

Be very familiar with Chart in AOM 14-12-10-8

When will you get Wing AI with Mode selector ON, dataset to OFF
Weight off wheels, but you will also get ref ai disagree

With Dataset to ALL and Mode Selector to ON or AUTO, when will you get Wing AI
WST >40kts789

To manually tune ils go to prog page. Type in aplha code for ex. Ibna

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