HWW 6 & 13 quizes

fertility is a person’s ability
a. produce viable sperm
b. reproduce
c. have a normal delivery
d. resist sexually transmitted infections

the typical use failure rate for a contraception method takes into account which of the following
a. daily use
b. human error
c. perfect use
d. familiarity with the method

which of the following is not an example of a barrier method of birth control
a. diaphragms
b. spermacides
c. condoms
d. oral contraceptives

which of the following is not true about male condoms
a. they can be used with baby oil and body lotions as lubricants
b. they can be purchased with a spermicide
c. they help prevent the spread of some sexually transmitted infections
d. they are reliable against pregnancy when used consistently

to ensure its effectiveness, the best place to store a condom would be
a. a bathroom storage drawer awar from sharp objects
b. in a wallet
c. in the glove box of a locked car
d. in the freezer

which of the following lubricants is safe to use with a condom
a. baby oils
b. hand lotion
c. petrolium jelly
d. water-based lubricant

a. can be purchased without prescription
b. must be removed within two hours following intercourse
c. create a physical and chemical barrier to sperm
d. have a low effectiveness rate

leaving a diaphragm or tampon in for an extended perod of time increases the risk for
b. hypertension
c. HPV
d. toxic shock syndrom

a primary advantage of the contraceptive sponge is that
a. only one type of spermicide can be used with it
b. protection lasts for us to 12 hours
c. it does not require a fitting from a doctor
d. it protects well against all STIs

oral contraceptive pills are
a. an effective barrier contraceptive method
b. up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy if used right
c. most commonly used by women who have had at least one child
d. effective protection against STIs

which of the following is true about sterilization
a. hysterectomy is the only sterilization method used for females
b. sterilization is a permanent form of birth control achieved through surgical means
c. there are age limits on sterilization procedures
d. a tubal ligation is a high-risk procedure only used if other methods are not possible

an IUD
a. is unlikely to cause complications
b. contains hormones
c. offers long-term protection from pregnancy
d. causes a long delay in the return of fertility

which of the following is true about emergency contraceptive pills
a. they are 95% effective if taken 2 to 5 days after unprotected intercourse
b. 2 brands are not available over the counter subject to certain age limits
c. most college health centers do not provide emergency contraception
d. they are 100% effective if taken 2 to 5 days after unprotected intercourse

fertility awareness methods of birth control include all of the following except
a. the calendar method
b. the body temperature method
c. the cervical mucous method
d. abstinence

a rise in a womans basal body temperature signals
a. that ovulation had occurred
b. the beginning of the mentrual cycle
c. that fertilization has occurred
d. the end of there curet mentrual period

to reduce the risk of her child having spin bifid a, a pregnant woman should consume an adequate amount of which nutrient
a. folic acid
b. vitamin d
c. vitamin b12
d. biotin

which form of hormonal birth control works transdermally
a. mirena
b ortho evra
c. nuva ring
d. depo-provera

which form of birth control is injected every three months to remain effective
a. mirena
b. ortho evra
c. nuvaring
d. depo-provera

which form of birth control involves alteration of sexual behavior during certain times of the month
a. withdrawl
b. fertility awareness
c. abstinence
d. outercourse

which of the following is a female sterilization procedure that involves tying off or cauterizing creation structures of the reproductive system
a. tubal ligation
b. vasectomy
c. hysterectomy
d. suction curettage

a birth defect caused by mothers alcohol intake during pregnancy is
a. rebella
b. spina bifida
c. FAS
d. down syndrome

a surgical sterilization procedure that involves cutting the vas deferens is a(n)
a. endoscopy
b. tubal ligation
c. hysterectomy
d. vesectomy

substances designed to kill sperm are known as
a. spermicides
b. progestins
c. teratogens
d. fungicides

the relatively ineffective method of birth control, known as colts interrupts, is the
a. body temperature method
b. calendar method
c. outercourse method
d. withdrawl method

the fertilization of an ovum by a sperm is
a. implantation
b. conception
c. ovulation
d. contraception

the various methods used to prevent pregnancy are known as
a. implantation
b. conception
c. ovulation
d. contraception

women who used oral contraceptives and also smoke are at higher risk of
a. weight gain
b. clood clots and hypertension
c. pneumonia and lung cnacer
d. pregnancy

which form of contraception involves implanting a small object in a woman’s uterus
a. cervical cap
b. contraceptive implant
c. nuvaring
d. intrauterine device

when a fertilized egg is implanted outside the unterus usually in a fallopian tube, this causes which dangerous condition
a. stillbirth
b. ectopic pregnancy
c. miscarriage
d. preeclampsia

microscopic organisms that are disease-causing agents are called
a. pathogens
b. antibodies
c. carcinogens
d. toxins

a rise in body temperature that occurs to destroy invading cells is a(n)
a. fever
b. autoimmune disease
c. sign of hypertension
d. allergic reaction

when invaded by antigens, the body forms substances called
a. antibodies
b. macrophages
c. lymphocytes
d. helper cells

when maria’s boyfriend returned from the health clinic, he told her he had been diagnosed with gonorrhea. which of the following statements is true
a. maria should break up with her boyfriend because he is cheating on her
b. maria does not need to worry contracting and STI because she was checked last year
c. maria does not need to worry because she does not have any gonorrhea symptoms
d. maria should go to the clinic to get tested for gonorrhea and treated if she has it

misty, now 31, has been trying to get pregnant since she got married 4 years ago. her doctor suspects that their infertility problem was like caused by her history of PID from the most commonly reported STI. during her early 20s misty bad contracted
a. herpes simplex
b. bleeding between periods
c. painful urination
d. painful intercourse

the state of syphillis that is characterized by a bacteria-filled chancre is
a. primary syphilis
b. secondar syphilis
c. latent syphilis
d. tertiary syphilis

greg has suffered with recurrent cold sores since childhood. when finals were over, greg and his girlfriend celebrated by going to their favorite romantic spot. since greg takes famciclovir (FAMVIR) there is
a. no change of him transmitting there herpes virus to his girlfriend since he has no visible cold sores
b. no chance of him transmitting the herpes virus to his girlfriend
c. still some chance that he could transmit the herpes virus to his girlfriend
d. nothig to worry about since the medication blacks the action of the herpes virus and he is cured

babies born to mothers with genital herpes should
a. have silver nitrate drops administered at birth
b. undergo antibiotic treatment
c. be delivered by cesarean section
d. be breastfed to help immunity

bethany is 42 and has cervical cancer. it is probably related to an infection she had during her college years, which was
a. hepatitis a
b. human papillomavirus HPV
c. syphilis
d. chlamydia

HIV can potentially be transmitted through all of the following except
a. a condom breaking during vaginal intercourse
b. sharing a razor
c. receiving a blood transfusion prior to 1985
d. swimming in the same pool as infection person

Barry just found out his HIV test positive. which of the following statements is true
a. barrys positive HIV test means that he had AIDS
b. Loojing back, barry knows exactly when he got infected with HIV because the initial symptoms are markedly different than STIs
c. barry should seek treatment as sson as possible to slow progression of the disease
d. Barrys wife does not need to worry about getting infected since she is a heteroseual female

the virus responsible for cause genetical warts is
a. hepatitis
b. chlamydia
c. HPV
d. syphilis

which type of infection can be contracted by shaing needles
A. hapatitis B
b. hepititis a
d. hemophilia

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