Traffic School

100 ft
Drivers are required to signal a change of direction for at least

1) Change lanes away from the emergency vehicle when practical.
2) Slow down and proceed with extreme caution
If you pass a working emergency vehicle stopped on the side of a freeway, you are to — 2 options

300 ft
You are to dim your headlights at a minimum distance of _____ when following another vehicle.

0 mph
When passing another vehicle, you are allowed to exceed the speed limit by

To the left (so the tire will hit the curb)
When parking near a curb while facing uphill, you should turn your (front) wheels

36 months
Most “minor” violations will drop off of your diving record after

person on a bicycle
Pedestrians are person on foot, wheelchair
A ___ is NOT a pedestrian.

from the far right-hand lane into the far right-hand lane
When making a right turn, you are to execute the maneuver

1) damage to or loss of a vehicle
2) injury or death to you or others.
3) suspension or revocation of your driver license
Careless driving could result in

1/32 inch
A standard passenger vehicle’s tires are require to have a minimum tread depth of

1) on On-way streets.
2) where you do not have an unobstructed view of the roadway for at least 200 feet in both directions
3) in front of fire stations
U-turns are prohibited

When your vehicle loses contact with the pavement and rides on a thin layer of water, it is

1) keep going and exit at the next opportunity
if you are driving on the freeway and miss your exit, you should

get non-driving tasks (texting, Looking at billboards, mobile phone talking) done in other settings
To avoid being distracted while driving, you should

“Blood Alcohol concentration”
“BAC” is an abbreviation for

Obey traffic signals, wear light or reflective clothing and/or carry a light at night
Pedestrians should

oversized vehicles on a step grade, farm equipment, a horse-drawn wagon
An ex of a slow-moving vehicle might be

Do not park next to a red curb, Do no park on a sidewalk or in a marked or unmarked crosswalk, Park no more than 18 inches from the curb.
Parking regulations in CA

Do not react, Do not make eye contact, Contact the local authorities if you need help
If confronted by an enraged driver

Pull to the right edge of the road and stop
When an emergency vehicle using its siren and red light(s) approaches, you much ____ until it has passed.

you may have to turn rather sharply to get back up onto the road surface
If you find your tire off of the roadway and on a low or unstable shoulder

1) honk to frighten it away – wrong
2) nudge it with your vehicle – wrong
3) simply wait for it to clear on its own – Correct
4) get out of your vehicle and shoo it away – wrong
if you encounter an animal on the roadway, it’s best to

turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to go (just as you drive forward)
When driving in reverse, you should

1) Braking dist 2) reaction dist 3) Perception Dist
___ is an element of Total Stopping Distance

The recurrent nature of urban traffic patterns
“City cycles” refers to..

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