Hunter safety chap.1-9

A primary objective of a hunter education programs is to ____?
Produce knowledgeable, responsible, and involved hunters

Name three hunting related projects for which the federal aid in wildlife restoration act (Pittman – Robertson act) provides funding
#1 hunter education
#2 land acquisition
#3 improvement of wildlife habitat

Name three behaviors of a responsible Hunter
#1 courtesy
#2 respect for wildlife and other hunters
#3 involvment

What are the three basic parts of a modern firearm?
Action, stock, and barrel

The component and it ammunition that ignites the gunpowder when struck by the firing pin is the ___?

The action of a fire arm is made up of parts that____?
Load, unload, fire and eject the cartridge or shotshell

You should use only ammunition that exactly matches the caliber or gauge specification marked on the ___ of your firearm

What are the parts in the cartridge?
Bullet, gunpowder, primer

What are the parts in a shot shell?
Shot, gunpowder, primer

List six types of firearm actions
Bolt, pump, semi automatic, lever, break, revolving

A safety is located around the receiver of the fire and ___?
Located on either side of the trigger guard

What is the most accurate site for fire arm?

What design feature causes a bullet to spiral which increases accuracy and distance?

___ is a measure related to the diameter of the bore in the size of the shotshell designed for that bore

When referring to firearms, “caliber” is___?
Used to describe the size of a rifle bore in the size of the cartridges designed for different bores

List the most common shotgun chokes
Full, modified, improve cylinder, cylinder

Steel shot is___?
Harder than lead, keeping the pattern tighter

Knowing your firearms range is critical – it allows you to___
Know at what distances your firearm can cause injury and determine whether or not you’re able to make a clean kill or not

Why is it important to keep shotshells separated by size?
A smaller gauge shotshell can slip past the chamber of a larger gauge gun and result in serious personal injury

Fire arm should be stored___, in a___location, in separated from___
your firearm should be stored all moved in, in a locked location, and separated from ammunition

Good marksmanship is___
Hitting your target accurately and consistently

Sight alignment is the_____
The process of lining up rear in front sights

To help you steady the rifle when you’re ready to shoot, draw a deep breath and_____
Release about half of your air

The proper technical pulling the trigger when firing a rifle is to____
Squeeze the trigger

Of the four standard rifle – firing positions the steadiest is the_____position

All handguns should be fired up____length

If you were hunting small, fast, close birds, the best choke selection would be____or___choke
Improved or modified choke

When patterns a shotgun, the goal is to produce a pattern of pellets with even___and sufficient percentage of the___within a 30 inch circle
Density and load

Which shotgun – shooting technique is best for a beginning hunter it is performed by pointing at a moving target and then moving past it and firing
Swing – through

A common error when hunting birds with a shotgun is____
Lowering the head and the cheek to the stock of the shotgun

It is critical that you know about the game you’re hunting because
Only one sex of the game you’re hunting maybe legal, there may be protected species in the same area that you need to avoid shooting, it will increase your chance of success

List the four basic characteristics used for animal
Movement, sound, behavior, marking

Unlike still hunting, stocking involves…
Following signs left by the animal

___Is a hunting technic that involves a group of hunters who are spread out and moved to push the game towards other hunters waiting at the end of the cover

A true sportsman not only strive to bring home the games you are she is seeking but also strive to___the quarry
Inflict the minimal amount of suffering on the quarry

The most effective place to shoot an animal is the vital organs which are
Lungs and heart

A____shot is the preferred shot for the larger game animals such as deer, elk, and bear

When approaching it down there or other large animal you should
Pause above and behind the animals head and watch the chest cavity for any movement

Once you are sure your quarry is done you should immediately do what before beginning field dressing
Tag it

What would not contribute to meat spoiling
The cold

What is the only type of powder that should be used in
Black powder

An unsafe practice when using a muzzleloader
Loading directly from a horn or flask or any other containers

How many charges should you load in a muzzleloader at a time
One charge

Name the three common now types
Long bow, recurve bow, compound bow

Name the four parts of an arrow
The nock, The fletching, the shaft, the arrowhead

What arrowhead is primarily used for big-game hunting
Mechanical blade broadheads

A good safety rule to follow when shooting a bow is to
Release and arrow only when the path to the target and beyond is clear

To minimize the risk of a firearm incident in the home you should never do what
Store the fire arms and ammunition together

Name the four main causes of hunting incidents
Judgment mistakes, safety rule violations, lack of control and practice, mechanical failure

If 3 hunter are walking side-by-side the Hunter in the center should keep the gun pointing
To the side or up

If three hunters are walking in a single file it is acceptable for the Hunter in the middle to use the what
Elbow or side carry

If crossing offense will hunting alone, you should always do what
Place the gun on the other side of the fence with the muzzle pointing away from you and then cross

To load or unload a firearm safety you should always do what
Put the safety on and point the muzzle in a safe direction

What is not a safe way to transfer a firearm
Loaded and in a gun rack in the rear window

Hunters should be placed how many yards apart from each other and have his own fire of how many degrees in front
25 to 40 yards apart and 45° in front

What should be worn at all times while climbing a tree and when on a tree stand
A safety harness

To get your firearm into an elevated stand safely you should always
Haul up the unloaded firearm after you have secured yourself

When hunting from my boat, it is best to always wear a
Personal flotation device

If you fall into Coldwater while hunting for my boat you should try to do what

According to Aldo Leopold, the “father of wildlife management” ethical behavior is
Doing the right thing when no one else is watching-even when doing the wrong thing is legal

Irresponsible in ethical Hunter would not do what?
Waste meat and usable parts of the game harvested

Responsible hunters do what?
Keep fire arms out of sight when not hunting

There are five distinction stages of development demos Huntersville experience. The most responsible and ethical is the what stage

In what stage is success is determined by bagging the limit, which can cause hunters to take unsafe shots
Limiting out stage

To bring respect to the sport of hunting, hunters can do what
Spore organizations dedicated to improving habitat and management efforts

There are four areas to address when preparing for a hunting trip what are they
Be ready, no your location, prepare for safety, tell others where you’ll be

What color is the safest choice for clothing?
Fluorescent orange

If dressing for cold weather conditions, you should wear what?
What are you doing where several layers of clothing instead of one heavy article of clothing and wear wool

When lead on a map and compass needle points to
Magnetic north

List the five primary requirements for survival
Shelter, making a fire, getting help, food, water

The international emergency signal for distress is?
Three fires, three shots, three blast of a whistle

What are four of the eight rolls of survival that every hundred should follow
Don’t travel alone, take enough food and water for days, don’t panic, bring a map/compass and orient yourself before leaving the camp

Hypothermia can be prevented by?
By staying dry and dressing properly

He exhaustion can be prevented by
Drinking water

Bleeding should be controlled by applying what to the wound
Direct pressure

What should your hunting companion breaks a leg and no medical help is readily available
Try to straighten the limb and put a splint on it

Wildlife conservation ensure that
Hunting seasons established by kublai khan will continue

Wildlife preservation do what
Saves natural resources but with no consumptive use of them

A habitat for wildlife must include
Space, arrangement, food, cover, and water

Carrie capacity of a wildlife area is the
Number of animals they have a tech and support in one year

List for factors that can limit wildlife populations
Old age, hunting, predators, pollution

Hunting is in effect and wildlife conservation tool because
Funding from hunting license helps many games in nongame species recover from dwindling populations, hunters playing important role by supplying wildlife managers with the needed information from the field

Trapping and relocating animals is an example of what kind of wildlife management practice
Artificial stocking

Some species are protected by law from being hunted because
Their number is low

It is critical that hunters are able to identify wildlife correctly so that they don’t mistakenly
Harvest illegal game animals or non-game animals

The third rule of firearm safety is “Be sure of the target and _______ .” what is in front of it and beyond it what is above it and below it the size of it and distance it is from …

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides federal aid to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to support a variety of hunting-related projects, including hunter education, through _______. a. federal income tax b. federal reserves c. taxes on firearms, ammunition …

The perspective that symptoms of a mental disorder lead to a diagnosis that illuminates both the underlying cause and a cure for the disorder is referred to in the text as A. medical model B. double-blind design C. logical approach …

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