Cardiology- AVB, BBB, SSS, WAP, MAT, WPW

Prolonged PR interval
1st degree AVB
(if the R is far from P)

Progressive lengthening of PR interval until absent beat
2nd degree AVB, Wenckebach
(longer, longer, longer, drop)

Random absent beats
2nd degree AVB, Mobitz 2
(some P’s don’t go through)

Complete AV dissociation
3rd degree AVB
(P and Q don’t agree)

S/S and Tx for 1st degree AVB
Asx, No tx

S/S and Tx for Wenckebach
Weakness, fatigue, lightheaded, syncope
Permanent pacemaker only definitive therapy

S/S and Tx for Mobitz 2
Weakness, fatigue, lightheaded, syncope
Temporary transthoracic > permanent pacemaker

S/S and Tx for 3rd degree AVB
Weakness, fatigue, lightheaded, syncope, HF, Vtach, Vfib, asystole
Temporary transthoracic > permanent pacemaker
Atropine for bradyC

Alternating tachyC/bradyC
Sick sinus syndrome

Aerosol propellant abuse
Sick sinus syndrome

Caused by collagen vascular d/o
Sick sinus syndrome

Causes of SSS
Digitalis, BB, CCB, aerosol abuse, collagen vascula d/o

Spontaneous sinus bradyC, pause, arrest
Sick sinus syndrome

SSS tx
Permanent pacing + AICD

2nd degree AVB, Mobitz 2

Progresses to complete heart block
2nd degree AVB, Mobitz 2

Requires permanent pacemaker
SSS, Mobitz 2, complete HB

1st line tx of symptomatic bradyC

rSR’ in V1,2

RsR’ in V5,6

Symptomatic tachyC

3 different P wave morphologies 60-100 bpm
WAP: Wandering Atrial Pacemaker

3 different P wave morphologies > 100 bpm
MAT: Multifocal Atrial TachyC

MCC and tx of MAT: Multifocal Atrial TachyC
COPD, tx w/ O2 and ventilation

Ineffective in MAT tx
Electrical cardioversion

Delta wave, or slurred QRS upstroke

WPW tx
Vagal > procainamide/amiodarone > radiofrequency ablation

Bundle of Kent

Normal PR segment length 0.12 – 0.2 sec 3 – 5 small boxes Normal QRS interval 0.06 – 0.1 sec 1 – 3 small boxes WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY …

what is the SA NODE? – sinus or sinuatrial node – heart’s pacemaker due to spontaneous depolarizations – located in the right atrium – pacing activity known as sinus rhythm – depolarization of SA node spreads through atria producing P …

A nurse is assessing an electrocardiogram rhythm strip. The P waves and QRS complexes are regular. The PR interval is 0.16 second, and QRS complexes measure 0.06 second. The overall heart rate is 64 beats per minute. The nurse assesses …

Cardiovascular System Chapter Topics Coding Highlights Cardiovascular Coding in the Surgery Section Cardiovascular Coding in the Medicine Section Cardiovascular Coding in the Radiology Section Learning Objectives After completing this chapter you should be able to 1 Understand cardiovascular services reported …

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