World War II

The disastrous effects of WW I and the Great Depression led
to the rise of totalitarian regimes n some countries

After coming to power in Italy, Benito Mussolini
banned political parties took over the press and suppressed strikes

After WW I the Weimar Republic-
appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany

After WW 1, the Japanese military-
reasserted its power and began aggressive military expansion

What policy did Great Britain, France, and the pursue against the new regimes in Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1930’s

German troops overwhelmed Poland in 1939 by –
unleashing a blitzkrieg

What was Congress’s purpose in
to provide Britain with the aid it needed but could not afford

Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor because
the US firmly opposed Japanese expansion

What is one way American women mobilized for the war effort?
they joined army, navy and Coast Guard auxiliaries

The Battle of Stalingrad –
ended any realistic plans Hitler had for dominating Europe

Some 100,000 Japanese Americans were evacuated from the West Coast during WW II and made to live in internment camps
because some West Coast leaders questioned their loyalty

In what way did Americans’ lives change during WWII
Some goods were rationed to free up resources for war production

In preparing for Operation Overload, the Allies created a fake army to
convince the German army that the attack would come at Calais

How did the Battle of the Budge ultiametly damage Hitlers efforts
it used up German reserves and demoralized German troops

President Truman decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan
to save Americans lives

Hitler blamed Jews for all of Germany’s ills especially
Germany’s defeat in WW1

What was the goal of Hitler’s Final Solution
The extermination of all Jews in areas controlled by Germany

At Yalta the Big Three agreed that
Bulgaria Poland and Romania would be free and hold elections

What agreement did the leaders of Japan and Germany violate with war crimes?
Geneva Convention

Hitler tried to purify German society through
concentration camp

What strategy did the Allies pursue to take back Asia from the Japan
Island hopping

What did the US initiate to alleviate the rural population drain?
Bracero program

How did the Allies prepare to invade Italy
Push the Germans out of North Africa

The Japanese advance in the Pacific was stopped by
the Battle of Coral Sea

What was on the most significant results of WW II
Americans learned to think in global terms

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