unit 5 quiz

“I have never been a good problem solver. I am not direct enough to be successful,” the client complains. “You do not see yourself as a direct problem solver?” responds the therapist. This conversation is typical of ________ therapy.
client centered

A classification system for psychological disorders allows clinicians to do all of the following except make predictions about
how other people might react to the diagnosis of a disorder.

A fear of strangers is referred to as

A person experiencing a manic episode may
All of these.

A possible behavioral explanation for depression focuses on
Learned helplessness.

A therapist challenges her client during a therapy session by saying, “So what if your fiancée left you and married your roommate instead? Why does that mean that you are not a good person?” The therapist is working from which perspective?

According to Ellis, which of the following is NOT an element of “musterbating”?
Must earn enough money to feel self-sufficient

According to the biopsychosocial model of psychological disorders, abnormal behavior can be influenced by
All of these

According to the DSM-IV, which of the following is an Axis II disorder?
Intellectual disability

According to the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy, which of the following is an essential part of the job of a psychotherapist?
Interpret the disguised revelations of the unconscious mind

After several months in psychoanalysis, Ryan had an emotional outburst during which he cried and sobbed as he talked about a childhood experience. Freud termed this emotional release…

As discussed in lecture ________ is when the therapist overwhelms the conscience so that the unconscious comes out.
Free Association

As discussed in lecture Dr Henderson stated that _____ is used as a last resort today for dealing with psychological problems.

As discussed in lecture the emphasis of _______ is that everyone is a good person and focuses on conscience thoughts as well as the present.
Humanistic Therapy

As discussed in lecture when thinking of Humanistic therapies you should be thinking of…

As discussed in lecture, a token economy is where tokens are exchanged for __________awards.

As discussed in lecture, if someone quickly says the first things that come to their mind after being presented with several consecutive stimuli, then they are using the idea of…
free association

As discussed in lecture, if you want to stop a maladaptive behavior such as biting your nails, you can apply a product that will taste horrible if you end up biting them (and thus are less likely to repeat this behavior) This is an example of …
aversive conditioning.

As discussed in lecture, when a therapist begins to view their client as family, this leads to ____ between the two individuals.

As presented in lecture cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on the thought/behavior cycle and that cycle…

As presented in lecture, a medication such as _______ would most likely be prescribed for an individual suffering from bipolar disorder.

As presented in lecture, concordance rates for severe mood disorders are _______ in identical twins.

As presented in lecture, the goal of therapy is to reduce or eliminate _________behavior.

As presented in lectured, the ______ is the main focus of a psychodynamic therapies.
Unconscious mind

Beck’s cognitive therapy focuses on…
eliminating illogical and self-defeating thoughts.

Biological support for the notion that dissociative disorders are related to problems in pulling together emotional memories is found in the…
higher volume of activity in the amygdala and hippocampus.

Bonnie was just diagnosed with depression. Her doctor prescribes the drug ________ which is the most effective drug on the market today.

Brad seems to be in a continuous state of anxiety though he is unable to identify the source of his feelings. The most likely diagnosis for Brad is ________ disorder.
Generalized anxiety

Carlos is being asked to perform a series of problem solving activities that involve working memory, planning, and flexibility. Carlos is engaging in…
Cognitive-remediation therapy.

Catharsis is a term used to describe…
a release of emotional tension.

Cognitive-behavior therapy attempts to produce change by…
helping clients to eliminate self-defeating thoughts.

Dr. Houltin is a therapist who believes that it is important for clients to share information and provide feedback to each other. Dr. Houltin is practicing ________ therapy.

Eeyore, the despondent and downcast donkey in A.A. Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh”, is chronically morose but not so sad that he cannot function. For example, when Pooh says, “Good morning, Eeyore,” Eeyore gloomily replies, “Good morning, Pooh Bear, if it is a good morning, which I doubt.” Eeyore may have ________ disorder.

Evan decided to take an F in English class rather than have to get up in front of the class to make an oral presentation. Evan probably suffers from…
a social phobia.

Generally, ASPD is not diagnosed unless a person has shown persistent antisocial behavior…
before the age of 15.

If Eileen has a predisposition for developing schizophrenia, the diathesis-stress model of schizophrenia states that Eileen…
is most likely to develop the disease during periods of stress.

In family therapy, it is assumed that the…
problem originates in the interactions among the family members.

In lecture, Dr Henderson described a way to overcome a phobia (ie sharks) by slowly building up your tolerance through small steps up a hierarchy of fears. This is the idea of…
systematic desensitization

Ivan is very depressed and the danger of suicide is imminent. He is not responding to the drugs normally employed to treat depression. Which of the following treatments is most likely to prove helpful in rapidly reducing Ivan’s depression and suicidal behavior?
Electroconvulsive therapy

John has sudden attacks of intense fear in which his heart races, he feels faint, and he has trouble catching his breath. During these attacks, he worries that he is going to die. From this description, it sounds like John has…
panic disorder.

Josie went to a psychoanalyst but found his style too cold and uninvolved. She wanted a therapist with whom she could have more of a relationship. She switched to a Rogerian therapist. The therapeutic setting is now one of…
warmth and acceptance.

Lola began having brief episodes of overwhelming anxiety about a year ago. She does not know what causes them, but she has had them in the grocery store, at busy restaurants, and once while driving. Her heart pounds, she has difficulty breathing, and sometimes she feels like her body no longer belongs to her. She is afraid she will go crazy or have a heart attack. Based on this information, Lola may have…
panic disorder.

Luanne is being treated for depression after a breakup with her boyfriend. Her therapist points out that her thoughts, and not the situation itself, is causing her to be depressed. This information suggests that Luanne’s therapist practices ________ therapy.
Beck’s cognitive

Martin refuses to leave his house because he believes that his body odor is toxic to those around him. Martin’s behavior is an example of… .
All of these

Mary has been working with a therapist because she has felt very confused and unsure about herself for the past few years. Mary’s therapist tends to be very non-directive and devotes a great deal of the session to allowing Mary to explore her identity, wants, and dreams for the future. The therapist rarely gives direct advice and instead is primarily interested in helping Mary clarify her own ideas and feelings. Mary’s therapist is most likely associated with the ________ perspective of psychotherapy.

Mrs. Johnson recently returned home after being gone for nearly five months. She has no memory associated with those five months. She most likely experienced a (n)…
dissociative fugue.

Of the following factors, ________ is related to the highest rates of mental disorders.
Low income

One aspect of family therapy is the idea that a family member’s symptoms are a function of the family relationships. If, for example, a teenage son is the parent’s scapegoat, which family therapy technique would be the most appropriate to use?

Pete’s therapist says, “Don’t say you will never fall in love again, say it will be difficult to learn to trust someone again.” The therapist is utilizing ________ in his efforts to help Pete.
Cognitive restructuring

Psychodynamic therapies stress all of the following EXCEPT…
rational-emotive behavior.

Sharon is seeing a new doctor after many different medications have failed to help with her condition. This doctor tells her that many well-designed studies suggest that electroconvulsive therapy is effective in the treatment of…

Since his father left, Joel has been treating his older brother more like a father. In terms of psychoanalysis, what may be occurring?

The ________ may be smaller in individuals with OCD than in those who do not have the disorder.

The diathesis-stress model argues that schizophrenia occurs due to ________ and stress.
Biogenetic disposition

The DSM-IV criteria for antisocial personality disorder includes all of the following EXCEPT…
recurrent thoughts of death and suicide.

The DSM-IV lists ________ different personality disorders.

The first step in systematic desensitization is…
discussing aspects of the feared situation that are most frightening.

The group of drugs known as SSRIs work primarily by interfering with the reabsorption of ________ in the brain.

The second step in systematic desensitization is…
putting the list of fears in order of severity.

The therapist is constantly looking for the hidden meanings behind Holly’s statements. In terms of psychoanalysis, what is the therapist trying to do?
Provide an interpretation

Transference is useful in the therapeutic situation because it…
provides an opportunity to re-create difficult relationships.

What differentiates people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) from those who do not have OCD, but may have some tendencies related to OCD?
The amount of distress caused by the thoughts

What is the name of the manual that psychologists use to classify mental disorders?

What statement best describes the relationship between dissociative amnesia and dissociative fugue?
Dissociative amnesia is required in order to have a dissociative fugue.

When Jack’s ex-wife informs him that his son had been killed in a car accident, Jack responds by saying “Good, now I don’t have to pay child support!” Jack is most likely suffering from…
personality disorder.

When Jack’s ex-wife informs him that his son had been killed in a car accident, Jack responds by saying “Good, now I don’t have to pay child support!” Jack is most likely suffering from…
antisocial personality disorder.

When resistance occurs in therapy, what event is taking place?
The client is using unconscious defense strategies that prevent progress.

When Sandra was 18 years old, she was in a serious car accident. Although she made a full recovery from her injuries, she experienced extreme anxiety afterward. Sandra is now very anxious when driving, will not drive near the site of the accident, has nightmares about the accident, and flinches when she goes through intersections. Sandra has symptoms suggestive of…
post-traumatic stress disorder.

Which if the following is NOT considered one of the criteria for defining abnormal behavior?
Unique behavior

Which of the following is a feature of group therapy that makes it an attractive treatment format?

Which of the following is a necessary criterion for a diagnosis of personality disorder?
Chronic maladaptive behavior

Which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia?
Flat affect

Which of the following is considered an insight therapy?
Client-centered approach

Which of the following is NOT important to those who deal with psychological disorders using the psychological approach?

Which of the following is NOT one of the methods used in traditional psychoanalysis?
Reflective listening

Which of the following is part of the process of systematic desensitization?
Relaxation exercises

Which of the following is the BEST example of psychotherapy?
You say aloud to a therapist everything that comes to mind.

Which of the following persons is engaging in reflective speech?
Tabitha – after listening to Gus talk about his frustration with his boss, she tells him that it sounds like he is facing obstacles at work.

Which of these individuals would be a candidate for cognitive restructuring?
Nelson says he will never fall in love again after his girlfriend broke up with him.

You happen to hear two psychologists discussing an individual. They refer to the DSM-IV-TR. The two psychologists are most likely having a discussion about…
abnormal behavior.

1. Psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is A. aggressive, persistent, and intentional. B. selfish, habitual, and avoidable. C. deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional. D. biologically influenced, unconsciously motivated, and difficult to change. C 2. Ongoing patterns of …

If you wanted a career in which you focus on detecting, assessing, and treating abnormal patterns of functioning, you should look into becoming a: clinical practitioner a student in an abnormal psychological class receives the highest test grade in a …

1) What is the branch of psychology that is concerned with the study of abnormal behaviour? A) Psychobiology B) Developmental psychology C) Psychopathology D) Health psychology C) Psychopathology 2) Ellie is a graduate student in psychology at the local university. …

1.Dramatic mood swings are characteristic of a condition known as _____ disorder. A) major depressive B) bipolar C) obsessive-compulsive D) dissociative identity B 2.Alex is prone to drastic mood swings. Alex may suffer from a condition known as _____ disorder. …

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