The Terrestrial Planets

Mercury’s solar day is longer than its solar year

Evidence of lava flows is common on the surface of Venus.

Venus’s surface is permanently obscured by clouds. As a result, the surface has been studied primarily by
orbiting satellites using radar.

Valles Marineris is comparable in size to Earth’s Grand Canyon.

There are many indications of past plate tectonics on Mars.

In relation to the density of Earth’s Moon, Mercury’s density suggests that the planet
Has a dense metal core

Compared with Earth, Venus has a level of plate tectonic activity that is
virtually nonexistent.

Venus’s atmospheric temperature is
hotter than temperatures on Mercury

In terms of area, the extinct Martian volcano Olympus Mons is about the size of

In comparison to the atmosphere of Venus, the vastly different atmospheric character of Mars is likely due to a/an
reverse greenhouse effect.

The most likely theory of the formation of Earth’s Moon is that it
formed from a collision of Earth with a Mars-sized object

How does Mercury’s rotation relate to the Sun?
Its rotation rate is 2/3 as long as its year, due to tidal resonances

Mercury presents the same side to the Sun
every other orbit.

The atmospheric pressure on Venus

What is the main constituent of the atmosphere of Venus?
carbon dioxide

The main constituent of the martian atmosphere is
carbon dioxide.

Why are Mars’ seasons more extreme than those of the earth?
Mars’ orbit is more eccentric than our almost circular one.
Mars’ weather is driven by evaporation from the polar ice in its summer.
Mars’ axial tilt is slightly more than our 23.5 degrees.
Mars’ seas dried up long ago.

One of the effects of Mercury’s very slow spin is
extreme variations in its surface temperature.

Mercury’s surface most resembles which of these?
the lunar far side

Our most detailed maps of Venus come from:
the Magellan spaceprobe.

The surface of Venus can be observed with:

Valles Marineris is the most striking example of a(n)
rift valley.

The deepest depression found on the surface of Mars is the
Hellas Basin of Mars

The NASA missions that landed on Mars in 1976 were the
Vikings I and II

The largest difference between Mars’ northern and southern hemispheres is that:
the southern appears older, with more impact craters.

The presence of a Mercurian magnetic field surprised the planetary scientists on the Mariner 10 team because
the dynamo theory predicted that Mercury was spinning too slowly for one.

The density of Mars is very similar to that of the other terrestrial planets

Venus can appear as a crescent through the telescope

Mercury’s rotation and revolution are an example of a 3:2 resonance

Compared to Earth, Venus spins very rapidly

Mercury has the widest variation in surface temperatures between night and day of any planet in the solar system

The scarps on Mercury are extremely similar to the cratered lunar highlands in appearance

The surface temperature of Venus is 750K, even hotter than Mercury

No evidence of impact craters has been found on Venus

The surface of Mars is surprisingly smooth and featureless

The polar caps and dust storms of Mars can be seen with Earth-based amateur telescopes

The low surface gravity helps martian volcanoes grow to great heights.

The seasonal polar caps on Mars, which grow and shrink over the year, are primarily carbon dioxide

Mars has a weak magnetic field.

Carbon dioxide is the predominant atmospheric gas on Venus

Running water continues to be the major erosive factor of Mars today

Running water played a major role in shaping Mars in ancient times

Which planet shows the widest range of surface temperatures between day and night?

What is true of Mars?
Iron oxide on the surface is responsible for its reddish color

Much of the water on Mars
is thought to be in a layer of permafrost just below the surface.

Venus’ surface temperature cools off at night, much like Mercury’s does

Mars appears red in color because of refraction of light by its atmosphere, much like the color of the totally eclipsed Moon

Winds on Mars give rise to planet-wide dust storms

Mercury has an unusually small core

The Mars Rover found undisputed microfossils, proving life once existed on Mars

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