Ch 17 earth science

A massive sheet of ice that may cover millions of square kilometers
Continental glacier

When new snow is added to a glacier faster than ice and snow melt, the glacier…
Gets larger

A continental glacier is also called…
Ice sheet

What is the grainy ice that forms when snow melts and refreezes called…

An iceberg is a large block of ice that breaks away from
Ice shelf

Continental glacier
Massive sheet of ice not confirmed by topography.

Internal plastic flow
The process by which glaciers flow slowly as grains of ice deform under pressure and slide over each other.

Alpine glacier
A narrow mass of ice confined by topography.

A crack or fissure in a glacier

Basil slip
The process that causes the ice at the base of a glacier to slide

Large rock transported from a distant source by a glacier

A sharp, pyramid-shaped peak formed by glacial erosion

A ridge of un sorted sediment formed by glacial deposition

A jagged ridge that forms between cirques

Steep depression in a glacial drift depression

Glacial lakes can form in the uneven surface of
Ground morains

Tear-shaped mounds of sediment formed by glacial deposition are called

A lake basin can form when a continental glacier leaves depressions
Ice mass

Sediment carried and deposited by glaciers is called
Glacial drift

A deep, bowl-shaped depression formed by glacial erosion is called

Interglacial period
Warmer climatic period of glacial retreat.

Ice age
A period of climatic cooling during which glacial ion repeats

The wobble of earths axis

Glacial period
A colder climatic period of glacial advance

The change of the shape of earths orbit from circular to elongated and back again

According to the Milankovich theory, which of the following factors affect the solar energy reaching earths surface
Eccentricity, tilt, and precession

Which of the following explains the principle behind the Milankovich theory
Cyclical changes in earths orbit and in the tilt of its axis cause climate changes.

Earths most recent ice age began approximately how long ago
4 million years ago

Evidence of past glaciation has been found by studying
Foraminifera shells

Ice in a glacier moves downslope in response to what

Un sorted glacial drift

Which of the following are needed to form a salt lake
Rapid evaporation rates

Which of the following features from when tension and compression build under the surface of a following glacier

Which of the following features is caused by erosion rather than by disposition

Which of the following occurs when glacier moves by basil slip
A glaciers weight melts ice where it touches the ground

Where has evidence of past glaciation been found
In shells and dead marine animals

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