Where tissues

Question Answer
Simple squamous epithelium Lungs
Simple cuboidal epithelium Kidney
Simple columnar epithelium Uterine tube
Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium Trachea
Stratified squamous keratinzed epithelium Skin
Stratified squamous nonkeratinized epithelium Esophagus
Stratified cuboidal or columnar epithelium Lining of ducts
Transitional epithelium Urinary bladder
Areolar CT Walls of hollow organs
Reticular CT Spleen, lymph nodes
Adipose tissue Under skin and around organds
Dense reg CT Tendons and ligaments
Dense irregular CT Dermis of skin ans joint and organ casule
Dense elastic ct Blood vessels
Hyaline cartilage Nose, connecting ribs to sternum
Fibrocartilage Intervertebral discs
Elastic cartilage Ear and epiglottis
Bine tissue Bone
Blood tissue Blood
Skeletal muscle Muscle
Cardiac muscle Heart
Smooth muscle Skin, eyes, some glands
Nervous tissue Nerves

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