Traditional media

Term Definition
Promotion The positive communication a business has with its customers.
Product Promotion Promotion of a store’s merchandise.
Institutional Promotion Promotion meant to heighten a store’s image.
Personal Selling A type of promotion that involves the use of paid sales associates to interact with the store’s customers.
Sales Promotion A type of promotion that involves the use of activities meant to encourage customers to make purchases.
Advertising Communication to customers paid for by a business.
Circular An insert into a magazine or newspaper that typically contains product graphics and special offers.
Public Relations The use of unpaid references to a business to further a positive impression.
Publicity A form of public relations that involves calling attention to a newsworthy aspect of the business.
Promotional Mix The combination of the types of promotion a
business uses.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) An agency of the federal government that enacts and enforces advertising laws that protect consumers.

Cease and Desist Order An order issued by the FTC that forces advertisers to discontinue false or bait-and-switch advertising.
Bait and Switch The illegal practice of advertising a product at a low price and then stocking little to none of that product, with the intention of selling customers a more expensive item.

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