Unit 1 Early Writers Early American Writers, Bradford, Bradstreet, Edwards

Question Answer
What were the principal values and ideals of the Pilgrims? What were the principal values and ideals of the Pilgrims?
The literary style of Pilgrim writing can best be described as Plain
The lives and writings of the Puritans were greatly influenced by The Old Testament
Bradford's account describes primarily the many hardships faced by early American settlers
Bradford feels that the death of the "profane" seaman is attributable to Divine retribution
Once Squanto acts as interpreter and the Puritans are able to communicate with the Indians, they proceed to exchange gifts, draw up a peace treaty, hold friendly conversations
Which statement best summarizes the message of the final couplet in Bradstreet's "To My Dear and Loving Husband? Let us continue to love one another so that we can reach heaven.
In "Upon the Burning of Our House,"Anne Bradstreet discovers the fire when she awakens to cries of "Fire!"
As her house burns, Bradstreet reminds herself that It belonged not to her, but to God
The phrase "my hope and treasure lies above" describes her vision of the afterlife
Like many Puritan writers, Bradstreet expresses love of God despite great hardships
In his sermon, Edwards mainly taps into his audience's fear of burning forever in a fiery pit
When Edwards refers to the "unconverted persons in his congregation," he chiefly addresses the Members who do not accept Christ as their Savior
According to Edwards' sermon, the only thing that has saved his listeners from Hell is God's hand
Edwards' purpose in delivering this sermon is to jolt his congregation into mending their ways and seeking salvation

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