Chapter 9 Head & Neck Anatomy

Name 11 regions of the head.
Frontal, partial, occipital, temporal, orbital, nasal, infra orbital, zygomatic, buccal, oral, & mental

What bone forms the forehead?
Frontal bone.

What bone forms the back and base of the cranium?
The occipital

What bones form the cheek?

What bones form the upper jaw and hard palate?
Maxillary bone

What is the only movable bone in the skull?

Where is the mental foramen located?
On the left and right side of the mandible between the apices of the 1st & 2nd premolars

What’s the difference between male and female teeth?
Male teeth are larger and squared incisally, where female teeth are smaller with rounded incisal edges

What are the two basic types of movement by the TMJ?
Hinge & glide

What are the symptoms of TMD?
Muscle spasms, pain, swelling, & difficulty opening the mouth

Which cranial nerve innervates all muscles of mastication?
Mandibular division of the fifth cranial nerve

What is the name of the horse shoe shaped bone?

Name the largest major salivary gland
Parotid gland

What is another name for the parotid duct?

What artery is behind the ramus, and branches into 5 arteries?
Mandibular artery

What artery supplies the maxillary molars, premolars, & gingivae?
Posterior, superior, alveolar artery

How many pairs of cranial nerves are connected to the brain?

Which division of the trigeminal nerve subdivides into the buccal, lingual, & inferior alveolar nerves?
Mandibular division

During what type of dental examination are lymph nodes palpated?

Term for enlarged or palpable lymph nodes?

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Parotid Gland – Overview A. The parotid gland is the largest of the salivary glands. Although variable in configuration, it is generally triangularly-shaped with a superior base and an inferior apex. Parotid Gland – Location B. The parotid gland is …

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