Animal Science II Anatomy and Physiology

What part of the circulatory system carries blood from the heart to organs in the animal’s body?

If an animal science student labeling the parts of a pig’s nervous system, what is the name of the part in the center of the vertebral column that is also connected to the brain?

The group of bones that make up the rear legs of livestock is called the?
Pelvic girdle

What should an animal science student label the funnel-shaped, hollow, muscular organ that is the pump for the circulatory system?

If an animal science student were labeling a picture of a beef cattle skeleton, whee would that student find the scapula?

What type of nerves allows for voluntary responses to stimuli?
Automatic and reflexes

Which type of bone in the animal’s body provides support and is cylindrical shape?
Long bone

What part of the respiratory system is responsible for the actual exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen?

What should an animal science student label the two large spongy organs that are part of a cow’s respiratory system?

The type of muscle that makes up the majority of meat consumed by humans is?

In addition to the functions they in livestock, which groups of body parts supply most of the food that humans eat from livestock?

Which type of tissue in the animal’s body holds various tissue together such as bone?

The major muscle that is a part of the circulatory system of animals if the ?

Which livestock part is made up of involuntary muscles?
Smooth muscles

The group of bones that make up the front legs of livestock is called the?

Muscles in livestock are classified as?
Skeletal muscle

Which animal system had the function of supplying oxygen to tissues and removing carbon dioxide from the body?

Energy for muscle contractions come from?

The internal organ of livestock which filters waste products from the blood is the?

Blood from the lower part of the animal’s body enter the heart through the ?
Inferior vetacava

Which livestock system is responsible for supplying body tissues with nourishment and collecting waste materials through blood?

The specialized cells that transform cartilage to bone are called?

Which animal system plays an important role in the body fun?

What part of the heart sends oxygenated blood to the various parts of the body?
The right side

Temperature control and voice or making sounds are functions of the?

Which animal system has the function of responding to the five senses?

The cells that conduct impulses in the nervous system are called?

Which animal system secretes hormones into the blood to travel to and stimulate certain organs to perform their specific functions?

What chemical substance in the endocrine system travels through the bloodstream?

Which hormone is primarily responsible for maintaining pregnancy in the animal?

Which hormone is primarily responsible for a cow displaying signs of heat?

The placenta and other membranes that are expelled by the mother after the baby animal is born and will cause the mother to become sick if not expelled is called the?
After Birth

Accurate heat detection in cows is important because the average length of heat or estrus is about?
16 to 18 hours

Ovulation is necessary for the animal to?
Become pregnant

What structure located on an ovary is the site where ova develop?
Ovarian follicle

The average length of the estrus cycle for both cattle and swine is?
21 days

The best indication that a cow is in standing heat and is ready to breed is?
Allow mate to mount

What stage of parturition involves, the actual birth of the fetus?

If no sperm are present during ovulation, prostaglandin stops the production of which hormone?

What term describes the beginning of the digestive process when the animal graps feed to bring it into the mouth?

Gas produced in the ruminant animal’s digestive system must be expelled to prevent the animal from?

What part of the nonruminant’s digestive system is the primary site for nutrient absorption?
Small intestine

Which enzyme in the stomach acts on proteins?

If your laboratory has a pig’s internal organ that contains feed and some liquids in it, what label would you put on that organ?

The disease ruminant animals suffer from when they swallow foreign objects such as nails or wire is called?
Hardware disease

What yellowish green fluid produced by the liver acts of fats and fatty acids?

The process of forcing food back up the esophagus so it can be chewed again is called?
Regurgiation rumination

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