Paris: Anatomy of a City Exam 1 review

Philippe Auguste
Created wall around Paris including the Louvre, Les Halles, paved roads, recorded documents, granted scholars diplomatic immunity, established Paris-Saint Denis axis bringing the church and the crown closer together

French Renaissance writer, physician, scholar; famous for Gargantua and Pantagruel, wrote stories in the vernacular (french) and they were satire against the church

Catherine de Medici
Queen of France when married to Henry II

Louis XIV (14th)
Lived in Versailles, French Revolution

Le Louvre
fortress created by Philippe Auguste

The Plague
killed thousands of people (Black Death by Horrox)

Charles IX
son of Catherine de Medici, St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (Massacre of St. Bartholomew by Nogueres)

St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre
Catholics assassinated Coligny after Henry de Navarre’s wedding (Massacre of St. Bartholomew by Nogueres)

fictional character, a giant, son is Pantagruel

semi-circle decorative wall surface, gothic architecture, seen in Notre Dame (Cathedrals Crusade by Dunlop)

Les Halles
huge market place created by Philippe Auguste, known as the “Belly of Paris”

Saint Denis
home of Basilica, inhabitants suffered during Hundred Years War

helped rebuild church of Saint-Denis with high ceilings and stained glass- represented proximity of churchgoers to God and his glory

Left bank (River Seine)
Universities, Latin Quartier, Eiffel Tower

Right Bank (River Seine)
Louvre, Jardin Tuileries

Gothic Architecture
seen in Notre Dame ex: flying buttresses, tympanum, ambulatory, rose window (Seven Ages of Paris; Cathedrals Crusade: the Rise of the Gothic Style in France by Dunlop)

called this by Julius Caesar, held Ile de la Cité, later renamed Paris

focusing on rational explanations rather than relying on the divine or supernatural matters. Examples: using Persian culture as inspiration, emphasizing creativity, focusing on the Greek and Roman’s ways of thinking

Francois Villon
french poet, used vernacular and personal themes “Where are the snows of yesteryear?”

Notre Dame
envisioned by Maurice de Sully, cathedral built on Ile de la cité, example of french gothic architecture, flying buttresses (Cathedrals Crusade by Dunlop)

The Loire Valley
lots of castles lived in by royalty

Henry IV (4th, Henri de Navarre)
Edict of Nantes (granted Calvinist Protestants substantial rights to promote civil unity), St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, Pont Neuf, married Marguerite de Valois in attempt to end the War of Religions (SAP; The Birth of Modern Paris)

Hundred Years’ War
under Salic laws, males should not be allowed to inherit through women (their mothers)

Martin Luther
“The just shall live by faith alone…”, 95 theses, beliefs later become what is called Lutheran

Jean de Venette
documented what happened during the plague

constructed by Louis le Vau, inhabited by Louis the XIV (14th), symbolizes absolute monarchy (The Court Society by Elias)

Lewis Mumford
believed in poly-nucleated social cities, described a city as a theater of social action (What Is A City by Mumford)

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