The Basics Chp. 5 CNA Practice Exam

If a resident is confused, a NA should
stay calm and provide a quiet environment

Confusion may be caused by

The ability to think logically and quickly is called

Nursing assistants can help residents with memory loss by
encouraging them to make lists of things to remember

What term means “a serious loss of mental abilities”?

What is true about the skills that a person with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has?
skills a person has usesd over a lifetime are usually kept longer.

When a resident with AD is frightened, the NA should
check her body language to make sure she is not tense or hurried

When a resident with AD is perseverating, the NA should
repeat herself using the same words

When a resident with AD cannot understand basic instructions, it is a good idea to use
short words, pictures, and gestures

If a resident with AD has lost most of his verbal skills, the NA should
use touch, smiles, and laughter

If a resident with AD is incontinent, the nursing assistant should
mark the restroom with a sign or picture

If a resident with AD has problems with bathing, the nursing assistant should
schedule bathing when the resident is least agitated

One way for a nursing assistant to help a resident with AD with eating is to
use dishes without a pattern and a simple place setting

If a resident with AD has problems with dressing, the nursing assistant should
lay out clothes in the order they should be put on

A good way for a NA to respond to hallucinations is to
reassure a resident who is upset and worried

A nursing assistant can respond to sundowning by
setting a bedtime routine and keeping it

If a resident with AD shows violent behavior, the NA should
remove triggers

A good way for a nursing assistant to respond to inappropriate sexual behavior is to
take the resident to a private area

When a resident with AD pillages and hoards, the nursing assistant should
provide a rummage drawer

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