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What are two reasons that sailors feared storms at sea? They believed the world was flat and they feared they would fall off the earth.
What valuable contributions did Prince Henry's school in Sagres make to navigation? New ship designings and better instruments
Create a sentence that includes the word circumnavigate. The earth circumnavigates in a circle.
Why did the Europeans want to find different trade routes to the Indies? Land travel was long and dangerous
What word means plotting the course of a ship and locating its position? Navigation
How do we know that Columbus felt that God had given him the idea to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean? He wrote his thoughts and feeling in his journal
Where was Columbus staying when he went before the king and queen of Spain with his plan? A monastery, La Rabida
What had happened to discourage Columbus in 1490? At war with the Moors.
What happened that caused the king and queen of Spain to change their minds and support Columbus's proposal to sail west? Columbus talk to a monk which was a friend of the queen the monk roped to her and said God's hand was around Columbus
After the king and queen agreed to pay for the voyage, what happened that made the king and queen mad enough to withdraw their support to pay for the plan of Columbus? Columbus wanted one tenth of all the riches he found and he wanted a name like Admiral or governor
What then happened to change the minds of the king and queen again and decide to pay for the expedition after all? A friend of Columbus told the king and queen sending Columbus would be a good way of thanking the Lord
What did Europeans place value on hundreds of years ago? silk, gold, and spices
The _______ included India, China, Japan and nearby islands Indies
_________ were people who bought and sold goods Merchants
List three dangers merchants faced as they went to the Indies The moving sand, high motion traders, thieves, sudden storms often attacked
Columbus was a ________ and a _______ map maker, sailor
Columbus believed he could reach the Indies (The East) by sailing which direction? west
_________ of Portugal led the rulers of Europe in search of a new trade routes Prince Henry
Who were the king and queen of Spain during Columbus's lifetime? Queen Isabella & King Ferinand
How long did Columbus try to get the king and queen of Spain to agree to buy ships and hire sailors for him? seven long years
What were the names of the three ships Columbus finally was given? Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria
What promise did the rulers of Spain make to Columbus if he reached the lands he was hoping to reach? He was going to own the land
What name did Columbus give to the people he met when he landed? Rodrigo de Trianaa
How did Columbus feel when he did not find riches? he was disappointed
How many more trips did Columbus make to the same area as his first trip took him? 3
Columbus thought he landed on the continent of Asia
Who named Columbus's discovery "A New World"? Amerigo Vesspucci
The New World was later called _________ in honor of the man who first realized that Columbus had not found the Indies, but a new continent America
After finally receiving help to make his voyage, how long did it take before Columbus was actually able to set sail? 8 months
Why did the captains of the Pinta and Nina have an emergency meeting with Columbus? The sailors were tired, scared, grumbling and they haven't seen land in 31 days
What does Christopher mean in Latin Christ Bearer
What did Columbus do when he felt defeated? He knelt in his cabin and prayed
What signs of land did the sailors see that made them excited? They saw a reed and a small piece of carved wood
What does San Salvador mean? Holy Savior
What did Columbus and his men do right after landing on an island and naming it San Salvador? They put up a huge cross and thanked God

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