tcm ch30 ID of patterns according to 8 principles

Question Answer
8 principles hot/cold; full/empty; interior/exterior; yin/yang
exterior space btwn skin & muscles, channels
interior internal organs
clinical signs of external pathogenic factor fever, aversion to cold, body aches, stiff neck, floating pulse
to distinguish Hot from Cold exterior pattern thirst (Hot); no thirst (Cold) rapid pulse (Hot); tight pulse (Cold)
to distinguish Empty from Full exterior pattern sweating (Empty)/ no sweating (Full); slow pulse (empty)/ tight pulse (full); less severe aches (empty); severe aches(full)
painful obstruction syndrome an exterior pathogenic factor gradually invades the channels
cold painful obstruction syndrome usually pain in one joint; pain is severe; relieved by application of heat
wind painful obstruction syndrome pain moves from joint to joint
damp painful obstruction syndrome swelling of the joints
heat painful obstruction syndrome joints are swollen, red, and painful
clinical change btwn exterior to interior pattern aversion to cold becomes aversion to heat

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