The gift of the magi

Question Answer
How much money does della have One dollar and eighty seven
What did della want to do with the money Buy jim a gift for Christmas
What is the last name of the family in the story Dillingham
What has happened to jim salary It went down to 20
What are two possessions that jim and della take a lot of pride in Jims watch and della shell turquoise comb
What does della do for extra money and how much does she get She cut her hair and sold it and git 20
How old is jim Twentytwo
What does jim give della as a gift
How is this ironic
Comb but della doesn't have long hair nomore
How did jim get the money to buy dellas gift

How is this ironic

He sold his watch but she brought him a fob chain for the watch

Question Answer How much does Della have 1.87 What did Della want to do with the money By Jim a Christmas gift What was the familya??s last name Young What happened to Jima??s salary It decreased by 10.00 What 2 …

Question Answer What are the 5 classes of addictive drugs and what do they do pharacologically? part 1 1. Psychostimulants e.g. cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA. Block monoamine transporters 2. Opiods e.g. opium, morphine, heroin. Opiod receptor agonists 3. Cannabinoids – cannabinoid …

Question Answer List the functions of the skin Protects inner organs, Temperature maintenance, Synthesis and storage of nutrients, sensory reception, Excretion and secretion What causes the different skin color in people (different races)? Melanin production Skin is blue, poor circulation …

Question Answer How long is the check out period for a book by and undergrad? 28 days How long is the check out period for a book by and grad student? 90 days How long is the check out period …

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