haloperdol/ Haldol

classification (therapeutic)

classification (pharmacologic)

acute and chronic psychotic disorders: schizophrenia, manic states, drug-induced psychosis, used in aggressive/agitated pt’s, Tourette’s syndrome, unlabeled use: nausea and vomiting from surgery and chemotherapy

therapeutic effects
diminished signs and symptoms of psychosis, behavior problems in children

contraindications/ precautions
hypersensitivity, angle-closure glaucoma, bone marrow depression, CNS depression/ tumors, sever liver/ cardiovascular/ respiratory disease, debilitated pt’s, diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia, increased risk of mortality in elderly pt’s treated for dementia-related psychosis

adverse reactions/ side effects
CNS: seizures, extrapyramidal reactions, EENT: blurred vision, dry vision, GI: constipation, dry mouth, Hemat: AGRANULOCYTOSIS, Misc: NEUROLEPTIC MALIGNANT SYNDROME

route for adults
PO: 0.5-5 mg 2-3 times daily up to 100mg/day, IM: 2-5mg q1-8 hr (not to exceed 100mg/day), IV: 0.5-5mg, can be repeated q 30min

nursing implications
monitor for side effects: neuroleptic malignant syndrome, leukocytosis, elevated liver function, elevated CPK, monitor CBC with differential and liver function test during therapy, monitor for akathisia, tardive dyskineasia, monitor VS and I&O

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