The Nursing Career Ladder

To help someone do something

An injury, especially a deep cut made in your skin

The money you pay for courses that you take at school

Something that is necessary before something else can happen or be done

Money or something that you get from a job as part of your payment, e.g. vacation, medical coverage

baby sitter
Someone who takes care of children while the parents are not home

Time where you are officially not allowed to work during scheduled hours

financial aid
Money that is given or lent to students at college to pay for their education

Not working a full 40-hour work week

1. Which item below correctly describes the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predictions by 2020? a. Positions that historically required registered nurses will be filled by unlicensed personnel. b. The job growth rate for RNs will surpass job growth in …

The concept of health promotion consists of efforts to prevent rather than to cure disease or disability. This description best describes: a. tertiary prevention b. secondary prevention c. primary prevention d. morbidity prevention c Standards for well child care and …

Causes of the Great Depression – Factories and farms produce more goods than people can buy. – Banks make loans that borrowers cannot pay back. – After the stock market crash, many businesses cannot find people who will invest in …

Monthly Premium (for people who pay a premium) $407 each month Late Enrollment Penalty -If you don’t buy it when you are 1st eligible your monthly premium goes up 10% (you will have to pay the higher premium for twice …

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