Question Answer
agreeableness of sound; good sound; euphonic Euphony
calm/cool dispassionate
great warmth; intensity of emotion fervor
to waver between choices vaciliate
respectful; yielding to judgement deference
practical pragmatic
not final tentative
without excess or luxury; simple austere
strictness rigor
to spped up the progress expediting
to laugh at in scorn; over & over deride
new; unusual novel
belief or opinion that contradicts established custom heresy
uninteresting; dull; boring insipid
love of humankind; love for man philanthropy

Term Definition tentative (adj.) not final, preliminary dispassionate (adj.) calm, cool, without emotion rigor (n) strictness, harshness, rigidity novel (adj.) new , unusual insipid (adj.) uninteresting, tasteless, dull vacillate (v) to waver between choices, to sway philanthropy (n) love of …

Question Answer Who is cupid? God of love, Aphrodite's son Who is Psyche? A beautiful princess who men worship (instead of Aphrodite) Who is Aphrodite jealous of? Psyche What does Aphrodite send cupid to do? Cause Psyche to fall in …

Question Answer When Venus's honors became Psyche's, who did she as help from? Her son, Cupid (Love) What did Venus ask Cupid to do to Psyche? Venus asked Cupid to make a monster fall in love with Psyche. However Cupid …

Question Answer What is Health Professional Shortage Area? Geo areas that have been designated as primary medical care shortage areas where physicians who furnish medical care are entitled to a Medicare incentive payment What is the Centers for Medicare and …

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