watercycle homework

Term Definition
water cycle process in which water continuously moves from earth's surface into the atmosphere and back
atmosphere the mixture of gases that surround a planet
evaporation process in which a liquid changes into a gas
condensation process in which a gas changes into a liquid
precipitation water that fall from air to earth's surface
runoff water that doesn't soak into the ground and that flows across earth's surface
weather what is happening in the atmosphere at a certain time and place
anemometer weather tool that measures wind speed
barometer weather tool that measures air pressure
humidity amount of water vapor in the air

Question Answer Scientist who studies weather Meterologist A place where two air masses meet front a tool that measures wind speed anemometer How hot or cold the air is temperature a tool that measures humidity hygrometer the weight of air …

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Question Answer What percentage of the atmosphere is made up of Oxygen? 21 percent What percentage of the atmosphere is made up of nitrogen? 78% Why is the atmosphere important to living things? It provides all gases needed to survive. …

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