BBG – Lesson 2 Prep Prepositions

Question Answer ???? (With Genitive) concerning, about ???? (With Accusative) around (perimeter, to measure around) ??? (With Genitive) by ??? (With Accusative) under (hypodermic, under the skin)

    Colonial America Jaqueline Ramirez period 4

    Question Answer What was the culumbian exchange ? The columbian exchange was the widespread transfer of plants, animals, culture, human population . What are the coordinates of Jamestown ? 36 Degrees North and 77 Degrees west. What was the most …

      Isiklik eelarve Eelarve kui planeerimise vahend

      Term Definition Mida naitavad debeetkaive ja kreeditkaive Debeetkaive naitab kulutatud summat ja kreeditkaive naitab samal perioodil kontole laekunud raha Mis on aktsia? Vaartpaber, mis annab valdajale oiguse saada osa ettevotte kasumist ja varast Kes on aktsionar? Aktsiaomanik Keda nimetatakse kaendajaks? …

        Colonial questions Eliana Martinez

        Question Answer What was the Columbian Exchange ? A part of time when people exchanged goods from the eastern to the Western Hemisphere What are the coordinates of Jamestown ? 36 Degrees North and 77 Degrees West What was was …

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          Word Masters #1-8

          Term Definition aqua water audi hear bell war cap take cise cut inter between intra within intro into mal bad mis bad -archy government chrom color -cide kill -ician specialist -itis inflammation super over syn together sym together tri three …

            Word Masters #7

            Term Definition Aqua Water Audi Hear Bell War Cap Take Cise Cut

              Colonial Test Jennifer Barragan

              Question Answer When did the work day usually start for the typical farmer? Early morning What day did colonial farmers usually not work? Sunday Christopher Columbus? An Italian sailor. Who lead the expedition? Christopher Columbus What did trade impact? population, …

                Word Masters #8

                Term Definition bio life auto self port carry scrib write -logy science, study of

                  Colonial Test David Ruiz,Social Studies,Per4

                  Question Answer Where merchants and artisans usually lived and worked? farm and city Tradesmen and merchants were usually part of what social class? middling Where did colonial men often go to discuss politics and business? tavern Where did most people …

                    SAT Vocab

                    Term Definition Abhor To hate; detest Ambivalent Having opposing feelings Circumlocation Indirect and wordly language Coalesce To fuse into a whole Colloquial Characteristic of informal (casual) language/conversation Capious Profuse, Abundant Daunting Intimdating Deferential Showing respect for one's autentity Dupicidty Crafty …


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